99% + 1% = One

I am heading to the Occupy San Diego march tomorrow.
I was asked by some people, “Why?”

I am not naive enough to think life is fair and I am not smart enough to understand politics. I recognize that there is no simple solution you can write on a sign. But even if it will never change, I still think it is good to discuss these ideas and question “the way things are.” I vote joyfully. I donate money happily. And now I will march with Love.

I have made some good decisions. And I have worked hard. But I have also been blessed. I spent some time reading through the posts on this site: wearethe99percent.tumblr.com and tried to put myself in some of the tighter fitting shoes. They may not all understand wall street. But their frustration is real…and justified.

The irony is that I don’t really believe in protests. Or that any meaningful change happens by trying to change the exterior world. But I do believe that many people coming together can help change each other. (And then the world will reflect that change.)

Besides, I know my grandpa would be there.


p.s. I have been engaged in conversations about #Occupy on Anybeat. I invite you to join me there.