The numbers on a clock only have meaning because we give them meaning.
There is no galactic timepiece that “clicks’ when a second passes or cosmic chime that sounds on the hour.
But these numbers are tools to help us measure.
So as our calendar displays this glorious string of elevens, it is a perfect moment to check on our internal stopwatch.
All special dates – birthdays, new years – and especially 11.11.11 – are lap markers on a track. Nothing changes in the terrain – we keep running around our endless cycles. But we can put a pin down during those times so we can check our progress.
”At this moment in my journey, where do things stand?”
“ Is the wind at my back?”
“ Am I headed in the right direction?”
“Do I need to recalibrate? Adjust my speed?”
“Am I too clumped up with the pack? Too far behind? Am I leading or following? If following, then who?”
And most importantly,”Am I chasing something? Or am I continuing around the track because I love to run?”

May your journey be even more gorgeous and filled with Love.
See you on the track.

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