“9 Tips to Creating Healthy, Happy New Year’s Goals ” Hugnation 12.25.11

1) Avoid goals that make you feel stressed or guilty.
2) Go towards things you want, not away from things you don’t.
3) Express it in present tense.
4) Make sure you believe it can happen.
5) Include things you are already doing.
6) Make sure it feels good!
7) Allow for magic outside your control.
8 ) Align it with your higher self.
9) Let go of attachments.

Happy New Year!
New Year’s Eve is pretty uneventful from space. There is no cosmic “click” when our calendars expire. The passing of Time is an allusion. Time simply is. We humans experience Time as a present moment streaming along an imaginary timeline, preceded by a past and with a future ahead of us. All we ever experience is the present moment, but our big ol’ brains allow us to remember and create elaborate stories of how we got here and where we are going.
That being said, it can still be helpful to use arbitrary times on the calendar as plotting points of a journey. Like longitude and latitude coordinates that – when a line is drawn between them – gives us a sense of space.
This space between calendar points is time.
So when the calendar notifies us of a milestone, it is fun to check in and see where you stand on your journey.
Are you on track? In alignment?
Are you uncovering the script inside you? Or following a script given to you?
Are you being pulled from your heart? Or pushed by your mind?
Are you making choices from Love? Or Fear?
As we analyze where we are come the end of December and where we want to be in the New Year, it can be tempting to make a list of Resolutions.
This instinct can be good… but it is critical that you craft your statements and sentiments with care.
And before we even get started, lets use be use the term resolutions lightly. Resolutions sound way too aggressive. NATO and the UN make resolutions. They are like barbed wire fences in idea form.

Here are 9 Tips to Creating Healthy, Happy New Year’s Goals

1) Avoid goals that make you feel stressed or guilty.
Resolutions are not your opportunity to chastise yourself for things you meant to do but didn’t.
People often list the things they wish they were doing better at. There is an element of guilt to things like “Hit the Gym at least 3 times a week.” If the idea makes you stressed, try reframing the idea with a similar intention like, “Honor my body’s ability to thrive and be active.”

2) Go towards things you want, not away from things you don’t.
That which you resist, persists. Mother Teresa said she would never attend an Anti-War rally, but would consider a peace rally. Going to war with something means all you attention is on that thing!
The key is to create a future that is warm and inviting and creates an emotional gravitational pull towards it.
Rather than marching away from your fat thighs, walk towards your strong legs.
Instead of
“Stop eating crap. “ Try, “Be conscious of how I fuel my body.”

“Find good-feeling thoughts and good-feeling manifestations must follow”
Abraham (Esther & Jerry Hicks)

3) Make it present tense.
Rather than set a list of rules that you need to follow, try to visualize a future that makes you happy.
See yourself in 6 months.
Jacob Glass teaches something he calls “The Lunch Game.” You agree with your lunch partner, in advance, to speak in the present tense as if it was 6 months from now. Don’t get caught up in the “how,” just speak as if obstacles have been resolved and decisions have been made.
What are you doing? Who are you spending time with? What is your job like?
Allow yourself to feel this future as if it was happening now.
This same technique is a great way to articulate goals.
Write your “resolutions” as joyful statements about your life.
“I am doing yoga most mornings and then going for a short walk. I make a point to appreciate the plants & flowers along my path.”
“I finished the 1st draft of my novel and am thrilled with the ideas that have emerged.”
“I am spending wonderful time with my family and enjoy the growing bond with my parents.”

4) Make sure it is something you believe could happen.
You don’t have to have any idea *how* it will happen. But you need to believe it is possible. Could you be living in a new amazing apartment in 6 months? Then visualize it! Could you be living on a space station in 6 months? Save that dream for another list.

5) Include things you are already doing.
Give yourself some credit! While it is nice to look at the year ahead, don’t be so quick to discard the year that just past. You have done a million wonderful things; take credit for a few and use the momentum of your path.
People like to use the phrase “Turn over a new leaf.” But you have a massive root network that deserves your respect.
Some examples:
“Continue habit of reading each night before bed.”
“Deepen my relationship with my parents.”

6) Make sure it feels good!

If a goal makes you feel bad, it will not create good results. More importantly, in terms of time spent, the path is 99.9%. Arrival at the destination is a fleeting moment. The way you feel while you are on the path is EVERYTHING.

As Abraham (Esther & Jerry Hicks) said, “The main event has never been the manifestation, the main event has always been the way you feel, moment by moment, because that’s what life is.”

If “Get fit for swimsuit season” makes you feel bad, try, “Feel good about my body at a pool party.” Or “Feel my body getting stronger.”

7) Allow the goals to contain magic beyond your control.
Some of the biggest accomplishments in the next year could be the result of serendipitous events beyond your will. Feel free to include things that you can’t actually make happen. Like, “Discover new hobby I become passionate about.”
This is helpful if there is a goal you find daunting.
For example if, “I have submitted my manuscript to 5 publishers” gives you a panic attack, try, “I have met several people who love my ideas and are helping me submit my manuscript.”

8 ) Align it with your higher self.
If your goals are in alignment with divine ideals, then you have the momentum of the Universe on your side.
“Get thin,” is ego driven. But “Increase my body’s health” is in service to the larger forces of thriving, nature & the cosmos.
If you can’t find a way to make the goal in alignment with higher ideals, drop it. And make room for goals that define you as a vessel of love and compassion.

9) Let go of attachments.

Set goals, then let go of your attachment to them.
Goals are just an excuse to get into motion. We use our best judgment and the above ideas to craft good goals, but we need to recognize that our perception is imperfect.
If you have an intention to get a job teaching, but once you start taking classes, discover that there is a more exciting opportunity, don’t be afraid to change direction to get in more direct alignment with your Flow.
Maybe you were confused about the intention of a goal, or maybe you were inspired towards a goal simply to get you to start down an unexpected path.
It could be a way for your higher self to trick you into going down a path you lacked clarity on before.
Remember when the Oracle told Neo he was not the One? He stopped trying to be the One, and so was able to act in intergirty and step into his role from heart, not mind.

Bottom line: Goals are enhancements, not fixes. Everything is perfect as is.
Resist the temptation to beat yourself up.
You are always mid-way on the path. The key is to celebrate the direction you are in and take tiny steps towards re-alignment with your truth.
Let the vision of your goals be an enticing treat with a gravitational pull that lures you towards it.
Make sure it feels good.
A joyful Now is the best map to a Joyful tomorrow.
As Abraham says, “You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.”

May you continue to spread your light and recognize the gift you are to the world. Thank you for being YOU.
Happy New Year!

Dec. 27. 2011

This topic was discussed during the Hug Nation brodacats on Dec. 27. 2011.

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