Tribal Growth

I spent last Thurs-Sunday at Tribal Convergence, a “bi-annual gathering of Visionary Leaders from diverse regional conscious communities coming together as one Human Family to cultivate right relationships between ourselves, each other, and the Earth.”

(photo by Nick Heyming)

It was a challenging weekend.
I was outside of my comfort zone and it was good for me.

Before I went, I felt I had things to share: whether Hug Nation ideas or 1st Saturdays experiences.
But I was nervous, too. I am ignorant in many of the areas that the conference would discuss, like perma farming and community eco-living.
Since I have been feeling a call towards sustainability, I knew it was important to overcome my insecure feelings and go.

I walked in with a glowing heart and intended to give myself to the experience.
I was quickly in new territory.
And new rituals.
There was a way of interaction that I was not used to.
More participatory, perhaps? People would say, “Aho!” after a speaker’s statements. And people expressed all sorts of hand gestures that appeared to be intended to receive or give energy & attention.
Breath and sound were a part of most things – sometimes dramatically.
I witnessed the new age equivalent of “speaking in tongues” many times over the weekend.
I don’t say that as judgement.
But it did challenge me.
Even as I enjoyed a speaker or exercise, I would see people experiencing it in such dramatic ways that it made me question my own experience.
Clearly I am not feeling this in the same way.

It became evident to me that my connection with nature paled in comparison to most of the attendees. The group was filled with people who had made life choices to put them amongst trees…I had hired a gardner to deal with my yard.

When I spoke with people one on one, I was always struck by the immense love. I felt incredible openness and connection. It was a remarkable group of people.
Even so, I felt a bit like I didn’t belong. Or at least as though I should do more listening than speaking. Which I did.

This humility was good for me. I was quiet, I listened. I was introspective.
At times my self-judgement got pretty harsh as I saw people so free with their voice & body expression. There was a dance circle saturday night that people entered and boogied one by one. It was not a chance to show-off, it was just joyous expression that the crowd cheered – no matter what. I did not dance – even as I got chance-after-chance to answer the call, “Who hasn’t been in the middle, yet?”

On Friday and Saturday nights they had “Tribe Talks” which were sort of like TED talks. 10 minute slots where anyone could sign up to share a project or idea. I did a compressed Hug Nation Saturday night and had a blast.
Apparently the person I was on stage contrasted significantly with the person I had been the last few days. A facilitator said after I spoke, “I had no idea you were so dynamic.” Heh.

I’m still processing the experience. Trying not to judge myself too harshly – but still being honest.
My romantic thoughts of buying land have dwindled. (My love of restaurants is too great. And my dislike of food prep and manual labor remains strong.)

I am more deeply aware of my body disconnect. I hope to integrate more yoga and breath work in my future path.

Or not. But I am aware that my mind & spirit are more developed than my body.

Maybe some day I will feel like I am peers with the people of Tribal Convergence. Or maybe not. Either way I have learned from them and deeply appreciate who they are in the world. I feel grateful for the time spent and admire their paths. Now it is up to me to figure out what to do with this reflection.


Battling the Anxiety Beast

The first day that I was off my medication I was in another country. Dmitry and I had taken a long weekend to enjoy the tropical beaches of Playa Del Carmen.
I should note that I had not intended to go off my meds. But I forgot to pack them. And my obscure anti-anxiety/anti-depressant was not available in the Viagra shops that pass as pharmacies in Baja.
I had tried to go off them many times, so was braced for the inevitable dark cloud.
Luckily I was in paradise. It is fairly easy to avoid anxiety when you spend the day at the swim-up bar.
But on the second night, things got more challenging.
I was at a gorgeous nightclub right on the water. The music had my toes tapping and smiles filled the dancefloor. I wanted to dance and join the fun…but couldn’t.
I felt paralyzed. An irrational fear gripped me. What was I afraid of? Of rejection, I suppose. Of being embarrassed. Of having someone roll their eyes at me. Of feeling like a loser. Of feeling uncool.
It is shocking how much the fear of being uncool has imprisoned me over the course of my life.
I went inward and could feel the tension. It felt like every muscle was shaking and clenched.
I have been on a path of personal growth for a long time, so even though my reaction was irrational, I was aware of it.
I confessed to my friend and travel partner, Dmitry, what I was feeling.
He looked lovingly in my eyes. The last 48 hours had been packed with deep spiritual conversations and readings from Alan Watts, “The Book.”
He had a slight smile and said, “Deep down, you know that we are all connected. We are all One. That beautiful woman dancing is just another instance of YOU. Go introduce yourself to y ourself!”
The words hit deep. Of course. Any judgment or rejection could only happen on the surface level of ego. My true self is pure Love. What being would not want to meet another instance of pure Love?
Sure, she could be operating form some Ego scripts or projecting insecurities outward (I’m certainly guilty of that trap sometimes.) But that should be easy to recognize.
The reaction I am so scared of – is actually exists in a realm of consciousness that I no longer spend much time in. Why am I so scared of it? Why does it cause such a visceral reaction to me?
Clearly any judgment cast upon me has everything to do with the judge, and nothing to do with me. In fact, any negativity should be seen as a declaration about the spiritual state. And, actually, should give me cause to love her even more deeply.

Judgment does not come from a high place looking down. It comes from a scared place projecting out.
Like a frightened animal baring it’s teeth.

The dancefloor transformed before my eyes. What was intimidating dissolved into compassion. I could see each individual as a precious instance of divine consciousness.
Each person wrapped up in a lifetime of experiences and beliefs. Each person struggling and doing their best. Our labels, looks and personalities distinguish us – but at the core we are all one.
These were my brothers and sisters. These were my reflections.
In an instant a crowd of intimidation became a sea of Love.
I joined the dancefloor and let my smile merge with the others. We bounced and moved to the beat. Like individual cells pulsing through the veins of a larger being.
And the anxiety was nowhere to be found.
In fact, the dark cloud never returned.

I remembered that Playa Del Carmen magic last night as I talked to my beloved.
Bliscious was preparing for her first trade show. She was building a business and was ready to get out there in a bigger way.
She poured herself into every detail. Her business was her art project. Every picture on the brochure was like a brushstroke of her masterpiece.
It has been beautiful to watch. And sometimes painful. Last night after listening to her latest round of promo ideas and discounts, I had to stop her.
It is good to want to have everything in order. It is amazing that you are getting so many scenarios figured out.
But pull back for a second and remember what you are doing and who you are.
Yes, you are in a sales role. Yes, you need to close deals and bring in money.
But you are not a snake oil saleswomen or swindler.
You and your partner are extremely talented and offer a high end service.
You are not in a position of trying to manipulate your customer into a sale… you are in a position of having a wonderful gift for them.
Your talents – and more importantly – your demeanor – will make their special wedding day even better.
You are not a Wallmart service. You are a high end boutique. Your customers will respond to what you provide, not what you discount.
Your services are premiere, so resist the feeling that you need to discount everything to compete. There are cheaper options – and that is great. Your dream was never to get women a good deal on their wedding day. Your dream is to elevate a woman’s whoe essence. To bring out her inner and outer beauty in ways she’s never experienced before. To surround a woman in light and love while using your Artistic talents to make her appearance match her divine presence.
THAT is who you are. THAT is what you do.
You are at the trade show to give this gift to beautiful brides.
Offering discounts and deals is part of the process, but make no mistake that what you offer is a gift at any price.

As I said this to B, I knew that I was saying it to myself, too. We all experience fear thoughts. We all question our worthiness. We all need to be reminded that we are a gift to the world. We are all afraid of someone rolling their eyes at us or telling us our prices are outrageous. It is the same voice of judgment that makes a dancefloor feel like a snake pit.
Anxiety is what we feel when we forget that we are a gift. When we forget that our divine nature is priceless. When we allow fear & insecurity to warp our sense of self.
The reality is that not everyone will recognize your gift. And others may even try to make you feel bad. They may try to dampen you r light for any number of reasons. Maybe it highlights their own fears. Maybe they have learned that it can work as a warped negotiation tactic.

Either way, remember that any judgment comes from below you. Dismissive attitudes should be pat on the head like a bullying toddler. Wish them the best and move on to those who deserve your attention.

Anxiety used to be a beast that kept me in constant state of tension & fear. Medication helped, but it was like training wheels that eventually served little purpose.
What finally allowed me to tame the beast was the recognition that it is only my ego that looks up at the face of a vicious dragon. My true self looks down on the head of an untrained puppy.
The anxiety is just a feeling. The fear is just temporary. My true self is Love. My true self is immune to such negativity.
Of course, I enjoy the cycles of the human experience. And sometimes my divine self gets lost in beliefs. Sometimes the Beast gets loose. I get scared as it chases me around or nips at my calves.
That is, until I remember that I can just turn around and face the beast. I can stare into its eyes and see it’s fear. I can allow my Love to shine into the world and turn the dragon into a puppy. And I can love the puppy for what it is and what it is here to teach me.
I’ve been off meds for over 2 years and have never been happier.
Good boy.

The Meaning of Life – Hug Nation 01.17.12

I believe the meaning of life is to EXPERIENCE the gift of life, itself. But I’m starting to realize there is a set of rules or “Best Practices” to this grand Game of Life, as well.

Here is a link to the Turkish Mountaintop Story I mentioned.

The Meaning of Life (The Greatest Game)

Imagine you are God.
You are pure consciousness.
You are the omnipotent creator.
You have the ability to create universes.
You have the ability to experience every supremely blissful sensation.
(For, if you can create all things, you could certainly create a body with sensory abilities that could experience pleasure beyond imagination.)
You exist beyond time and space.
You are all things. You are the One.
You exist in perfection. For eternity.

We are the Universe

As blissful as it must be to be God, it may also become boring.
What would you crave? Entertainment, perhaps?
As God, you would probably create an amazing experience for yourself.
You would create the most amazing game possible.
One with puzzles & lessons & pleasure. With tension & excitement & Joy.
With emotion & heartache & triumphs.
But in order to experience the drama of this experience, you would need to step out of your omnipotence. How much could you enjoy a movie if you knew every plot twist?
You would need to take a vacation from universal God consciousness and step into a fractional perspective. You would need to forget that you were creator and limit your awareness of eternity. You would give yourself a single vantage point to view the universe – limited in a single perspective, from a single moment in time.
You would experience it as Now.
At some times you would enjoy the experience of being a plant. Other times an animal. But the richest of pieces to play in this game (that I am aware of) is that of a human being.

Born with all sorts of hidden awareness & talents, you would have to constantly adapt to the game environement changing all around you. You would ride the shifting environment as you worked with the tools you had.
Since you would need to start the game with your “mind” wiped, you would spend the first portion of the experience developing your tools – your mind and body. Your childhood would be confusing at times. Simple at others. Often blissful with the beginners mind and awe of fresh eyes.
Then it would get more complicated.

In Dungeons & Dragons, when you make a character, you roll a dice to determine the starting levels of the attributes of the character. Your charisma, strength, and intelligence are set – randomly – from the beginning. Sometimes a character starts with an advantage, sometimes with a disadvantage.
The Game of life is the same. Life is not fair. But we take it on by choice.
There is no life that we need envy – for we are all those lives as well. And we will experience them all – even if we can’t do so concurrently.

Halcyon jump by Anthony Iorio

This “I” experience that we have right Now – this is a fractional experience of our own divine consciousness.
We are each God, treating himself to dinner and a movie. Or the divine equivalent of such: A submersive 3-d ride of sensation and emotion that we have lots of control over. The degree of control that we have is something that I still am uncertain of. Clearly we can make choices. We can also affect our reality by what we focus on. Can we bend reality with our thoughts – like a Matrix spoon? Many mystics & channels say, ”yes.” I am open to the possibility.


As we grow in the game, we go through a phase where we see ourselves as separate. We may misunderstand the rules of the game and believe that winning means dominating the environment around us and the other people.
We may try to hoard resources and build up acquisitions.
Since we think of ourselves as separate, we cause harm to things outside ourselves without much thought.
But as we start to unravel the true purpose of the game, we see though that mistake.
We see that we are all connected. That we are all fragments of the One. Of ourselves. We simply don’t experience it personally while enjoying the game we have created for ourselves.
But we start to see that increased Joy anywhere in the world is increased joy for the all. That reduced suffering anywhere in the world is reduced suffering for all.

Occupy San Diego march

Our spiritual practice is about discovering that we are in the middle of the greatest Game in the Universe.
And that the Experience itself is the point of the game – not winning, or acquiring or dominating.
And that while there may be some pleasure involved with winning – it pales in comparison to the Joy of spreading Joy. Being Love and spreading Love is the object of the game.

Temple Talk

So with the awareness, what do you do? What do you do once you know that your life is not the beginning or end, but just a single note of the cosmic symphony – that you yourself have created FOR yourself to appreciate? What do you do with this state of enlightenment?
More of the same. But better.
You have to let the divine awareness slip away – but not entirely. You continue the experience of Life with a renewed appreciation for what is important.
And you try to live your life as best you can.
Take better care of the body.
Create more Joy. Share more Love. Bring more Light. Appreciate every moment more.
Make the experience of the game as joyful as possible. It is a gift to yourself – Enjoy it!


Now the above is not a new idea. Alan Watts speaks of this directly in many lectures. But as my life practice goes on, it is becoming more and more “Truth” to me.
In recent meditations and shamanic journeys I have delved deep into this awareness.
I’ve had some additional clarity & insights, as well.
The people in our lives are like angels. They are additional instances of God (our self), each here to help us along our path. Sometimes to push our buttons. Sometimes to support us. But all are pieces of the puzzle intended to play their role. The ones that feel like demons are still angels…but they are here to teach us things that are difficult.
At some level, the angels all want you to figure out the game. But they can’t actually tell you how. Even if they did, you would not get it without coming to the understanding yourself.
The game is in a constant state of unfolding and resetting. A mobius strip with an unknown beginning and end.
I had a moment where I became conscious of the game. I slipped from my fractional human mind and saw the world – from my single perspective – but with the creators awareness, too.
I knew that the game is played, over and over. For as long as you want to.
The actual moment of reset is an indescribable orgy of color & physical sensation. Like all the pleasure you can imagine is pressing down on you with the weight of all the oceans.
You can stay in that state of bliss if you like, undulating between the pulses of start & reset.
This state of undulating is the breath of god.
This is why so much spiritual practice goes back to breath.
Breath is a fractal experience of God. In & out. Light & dark. Ying & yang. Pulsing perfecting.
But even this eternal bliss pulse is better appreciated with occasional breaks. So when you want to be entertained, you visit Earth (or perhaps other places, too) to play a round of the Game you have created.
A Game that, itself, starts and resets forever in eternity.
Big bang after big bang. Breath after breath.
And with this awareness, we can step back from the anxiety of the Game. The pressure of things undone dissolves.
There is always a reset right around the corner.
There is always a return to Oneness waiting.

“Not to be Believed”

So then how does this awareness change our lives?
It doesn’t.
As the old Zen quote says, “After enlightenment, the dishes.”
But as we break out of the feeling of separateness, we can work to distinguish what is a separate ego desire, and what feelings are universal and divine. From this clarity, we can work to break free from stressful socialized beliefs and align ourselves with Love.
How do we align with Love? We honor our physical bodies. We honor the people and environment around us. We honor our relationship with every expression of divinity in the universe (which is every atom & every vibration.)
Your role is to find the sweet spot of between Joy and Action. I believe is is by viewing yourself in Service to Source.
You need to take enough action in the world to enjoy the challenge. You need to create more Joy for yourselves and others. While doing this, you still need to relax enough to enjoy the Game.
• Too much self-sacrifice = not ideal.
• Too much selfishness = not ideal.
• Too much laziness or passiveness (i.e. getting caught in the loop of televised entertainment & cubicle drones.) = not ideal.

We must balance the experiences of Work, Worship, Love & Play, so that we ride the cycles of highs and lows in a way that feels best to us.
This balance is different for each of us. All lives are perfect. In fact, playing the game as a villain is perfectly valid, too. (But my experience of this “John Halcyon Styn” instance of Life make it hard for me to understand a darker path. It seems to be a shallow experience compared the possibility of Love & Joy. Then again, I am making that analysis from a single consciousness bias.)

Guadalupe Canyon Waterfall

There is no wrong path. Everything is a unique experience that will be treasured from the perspective of God Consciousness.
Some paths simply make the game more pleasant – more magical.
From everything I have studied and experienced during my current round of The Game of Life, it is the alignment with Love – & the pursuit of Joy – that is most clearly our Purpose.

But all of this awareness I’ve described is still (I have to assume) a dumbed-down version of actual Truth – put into metaphors so that the limitations of human experience can (barely) comprehend.
At least that’s as much of the game as I have figured out so far.
Enjoy the ride.
-John Halcyon
January 16, 2012

The Now.

501C Non Profit Application

Last weekend was an AMAZING gathering for 1st Saturdays/ Help The Homeless! We had 85 volunteers, tons of donations, a wedding, and my mom even participated!
Mom at
Here is a draft of the narrative we are submitting for 1stSaturday’s Non-profit status. Feedback welcome!
NARRATIVE: 1st Saturdays

On the 1st Saturday of February 2010, two high school classmates got together on a whim to provide clothing and toiletries to San Diego homeless. They had reunited at their 20 year High School reunion and, despite their vastly different religious backgrounds, realized that their beliefs overlapped in the area of service, community, & compassion.
They shared the rewarding experience via online social networks and quickly had dozens of friends and neighbors lining up to help volunteer. The group called itself “1st Saturdays” and was formed for exclusively charitable and educational purposes.

The goal of 1st Saturdays is to provide a non-religious service opportunity for the San Diego community while providing clothing, toiletries and other necessities to the local homeless population. Each monthly outing consists of 30-80 volunteers who first collect and organize clothing donations, create toiletry care packs, and then carpool to downtown San Diego locations where the need is greatest. Men’s and Women’s clothing is collected from the community all month. In recent months 1st Saturdays has met and organized donations by gender & clothing type at the downtown Prosperity Hive ( before heading out into the streets. A row of folding tables is set up in parking lots or on the sidewalk so that the clothing is presented like a mobile “street boutique.” The goal is to create a dignified “shopping” experience and provide San Diego homeless with items they need.

The care packs consist of new toiletries, hygiene items like soap, toothpaste, Band-Aids, clean socks, and more. Most items are purchased in bulk from hotel supply stores and then assembled into care-packs by volunteers. Quantities of items provided vary based on what volunteers are able to purchase, but generally between 100 and 300 packs a month are distributed. Care packs are distributed alongside the clothing tables, or handed out via “drive-bys” to less mobile individuals.

According to the Regional Task Force on The Homeless for San Diego County, current numbers estimate that more 8500 people are Homeless in San Diego ( The needs among this group for warm clothes, basic hygiene products, and a friendly ear are massive. However, even small efforts have big impact among those helped…and those helping.
In addition to the physical transfer of donated goods, the goal of 1st Saturdays is to break down the cultural walls between economically distant local communities. The group provides outreach opportunities for San Diegans to meet, interact, and support their homeless brothers and sisters. Much care is taken to create an uplifting and community-building experience for both volunteers and homeless. Conversation, smiles, and words of connection are encouraged. While it is certainly nice to feed someone for a day, and even better to treat that person with dignity, it is the changes that happen in our volunteers that are perhaps the most significant. The food, clothes, and care-packs are in many ways simply the excuse we use to allow disparate San Diego communities to spend time together and be reminded of our connection as a human family. When someone starts to see themselves as “a person who helps,” it can be a transformative and world changing shift. We consider conversations as important as donations & hope to change the way volunteers see themselves in relation to the disadvantaged, and society.

What began as a 1-time whim has become a thriving monthly tradition entering its 3rd year. The number of volunteers continues to increase, and the organization is ready to move to the next level. With non-profit status, 1st Saturdays would seek additional funding through grants and additional donors. The organization hopes that it can grow in the number of volunteers we can support, homeless we can help, and goods we can distribute. By doing so we can reduce the burden on existing government programs while helping needy individuals and educating volunteers.

Supplemental Material:
OB Rag Article: “Socks for the Homeless” (
San Diego Citybeat Article: “Online Intimacy.” (
Photos from Recent Outings.
Videos from Recent Outings. (online at
Printout of recent “Facebook Event” for 1stSaturdays. (
Facebook Organizing Page (online:

Morning Blessing (video, Mp3 & full txt)

Good morning, you beautiful being.
Welcome to this amazing day.
As you shift from the dreamstate, and your eyes begin to focus, the world awaits to welcome you.
Take your time…all is perfect and as it should be. The darkness of night is slipping into memory.
The landscape around you is being showered with heat and light by a massive star of unimaginable power.
It is but one star of the 200 billion in our galaxy. – but it is special to us.
It is the perfect distance from the earth to maintain a rich balance of life. Countless species of plants and animals are all interconnected in a constant dance of life & death.
From iceberg to tundra to desert to jungle, life thrives. And you, you awaken with a consciousness that can see, hear and experience all of this wonder.
All of this life, as well as all of the soil and rocks and water and air – is ageless. It may newly be in its current form, but it is all made of stardust.
Every atom on our planet can be traced back to the Big Bang. The ancestry of Everything we can conceive to know can be traced back to a single source.
Every rock and skin cell and water droplet is made from the same family of matter that comprises the planets of the most distant galaxy and the fuel of the most distant star.
And you….you awaken inside a body made of this stardust. You awaken to a consciousness that can perceive all of this interconnected magic.

Our minds conspire to play a trick on us. We hear thoughts that we mistake for truth. We slip into beliefs that we are limited. That we are finite. That we are separate.
We are not.
The entire universe is a timeless, infinite mobius strip.
All we are is an integral part of all that is.
The universe is a single ever-connected unfolding event.
A vibrational kaleidoscope of waves and matter and space so vast and expansive that it is beyond comprehension.
The vantage point of human consciousness is witness to a but a tiny speck on that mobius strip of the cosmos.
And from that tiny point, Human perception can still only perceive a tiny fraction of the vibrations that make up the cosmos.
But this blip of vibrations during this minuscule fragment of time is still infinitely more than we could ever hope to comprehend or appreciate.
The fact that we are conscious to witness ANY of this miracle is a gift beyond measure.
And you… you awaken to this magnificent gift. Let the magnitude of this blessing settle in.
In this infinitely complex, timeless, and miraculous universe, you are aware of it.
What a rare and priceless gift! This body of yours is not only is graced with thriving life and existence…but consciousness! You can gaze at the stars… you can feel the wind…you can ponder your place in it all!
This awareness is something to be basked in – not understood. Awe is more important than understanding.
Understanding is a myth.
We have no vantage point to truly understand anything. We must let go of the drive to achieve, and surrender to the ability to receive.
It is arrogant to think that the knowledge of a single human lifetime – or the collective knowledge of ALL human lifetimes can compare to the timeless wisdom of the cosmos.
We are but one cell in the body of the cosmos. It is silly to think any cell can understand the workings of the whole.
The Universe is filled with perfect cycles. Of flawless harmony. Of constant movement in energy and matter.
And you…you awaken to be a part of this perfection. It takes no thought or effort on your part. You simply are a part of this harmony and Flow.

Our bodies are filled with these cycles and systems. It is what we are: From breath, to heartbeats, to healing cells. Our mind needs do nothing for these systems to thrive.
Just as the tides and seasons flow without thought, so do the patterns of our bodies.
This flow towards growth. This flow towards healing. This flow towards harmony and connection.
This is the flow of the universe.
When we surrender fully to this flow, we are in touch with the divine.
The cosmic wisdom will steer us to where we need to be. Will inspire us in the direction of growth and harmony.
And when we feel inspired. …When we feel a call towards bliss – this is the will of the universe.
And you…. As you awaken to this day you will feel the pull towards compassion, towards connection, towards Love.
As your mind becomes crisp and the world comes into focus, remember who you are and what you are.
You are a miraculous living being blessed with the rarest of gifts – consciousness.
You are the Universe’s way of experiencing itself.
Let go of the ego “shoulds” and surrender to your true role. You are a sacred witness to all that is. Your role is to appreciate, to be present, to receive, and to keep your heart open. Allow the song of the universe to pull you towards divine alignment.
Align yourself with love. Be unconcerned with outcomes but focus on integrity in this moment. The day ahead is a mystery…it is a miracle…it is to be ridden like a wave, not constructed like a road.
And you… you are now waking up fully. Ready to engage the tasks of this day. Ready to shower each person you encounter with eyes filled with Love.
You are an ambassador of the divine. Whatever you do today, know that you do so as a vessel of Love…all other responsibilities come second.
Now wiggle your toes. Wiggle your fingers. Feel the power growing in this physical form of yours. Good Morning!!!
You are beautiful! You are magical! You are a miracle!
How blessed the universe is to experience your light today!
And you.. you are alive, awake and ready to shower this day with the gift of YOU.
Thank you! On behalf of the universe, THANKYOU. The path you walk is a gift. The light you share is divine. The love you share is ever growing and inspires others.
Know that as you face this day, countless other brothers and sisters awake with this same gorgeous fire in their hearts.
You are a part of a massive vibrational shift. As you align, you help others do the same. And as more and more of us surrender to the divine Flow, a cosmic recalibration has no choice but to echo through the planet.
Thank you, Namaste.