Morning Blessing (video, Mp3 & full txt)

Good morning, you beautiful being.
Welcome to this amazing day.
As you shift from the dreamstate, and your eyes begin to focus, the world awaits to welcome you.
Take your time…all is perfect and as it should be. The darkness of night is slipping into memory.
The landscape around you is being showered with heat and light by a massive star of unimaginable power.
It is but one star of the 200 billion in our galaxy. – but it is special to us.
It is the perfect distance from the earth to maintain a rich balance of life. Countless species of plants and animals are all interconnected in a constant dance of life & death.
From iceberg to tundra to desert to jungle, life thrives. And you, you awaken with a consciousness that can see, hear and experience all of this wonder.
All of this life, as well as all of the soil and rocks and water and air – is ageless. It may newly be in its current form, but it is all made of stardust.
Every atom on our planet can be traced back to the Big Bang. The ancestry of Everything we can conceive to know can be traced back to a single source.
Every rock and skin cell and water droplet is made from the same family of matter that comprises the planets of the most distant galaxy and the fuel of the most distant star.
And you….you awaken inside a body made of this stardust. You awaken to a consciousness that can perceive all of this interconnected magic.

Our minds conspire to play a trick on us. We hear thoughts that we mistake for truth. We slip into beliefs that we are limited. That we are finite. That we are separate.
We are not.
The entire universe is a timeless, infinite mobius strip.
All we are is an integral part of all that is.
The universe is a single ever-connected unfolding event.
A vibrational kaleidoscope of waves and matter and space so vast and expansive that it is beyond comprehension.
The vantage point of human consciousness is witness to a but a tiny speck on that mobius strip of the cosmos.
And from that tiny point, Human perception can still only perceive a tiny fraction of the vibrations that make up the cosmos.
But this blip of vibrations during this minuscule fragment of time is still infinitely more than we could ever hope to comprehend or appreciate.
The fact that we are conscious to witness ANY of this miracle is a gift beyond measure.
And you… you awaken to this magnificent gift. Let the magnitude of this blessing settle in.
In this infinitely complex, timeless, and miraculous universe, you are aware of it.
What a rare and priceless gift! This body of yours is not only is graced with thriving life and existence…but consciousness! You can gaze at the stars… you can feel the wind…you can ponder your place in it all!
This awareness is something to be basked in – not understood. Awe is more important than understanding.
Understanding is a myth.
We have no vantage point to truly understand anything. We must let go of the drive to achieve, and surrender to the ability to receive.
It is arrogant to think that the knowledge of a single human lifetime – or the collective knowledge of ALL human lifetimes can compare to the timeless wisdom of the cosmos.
We are but one cell in the body of the cosmos. It is silly to think any cell can understand the workings of the whole.
The Universe is filled with perfect cycles. Of flawless harmony. Of constant movement in energy and matter.
And you…you awaken to be a part of this perfection. It takes no thought or effort on your part. You simply are a part of this harmony and Flow.

Our bodies are filled with these cycles and systems. It is what we are: From breath, to heartbeats, to healing cells. Our mind needs do nothing for these systems to thrive.
Just as the tides and seasons flow without thought, so do the patterns of our bodies.
This flow towards growth. This flow towards healing. This flow towards harmony and connection.
This is the flow of the universe.
When we surrender fully to this flow, we are in touch with the divine.
The cosmic wisdom will steer us to where we need to be. Will inspire us in the direction of growth and harmony.
And when we feel inspired. …When we feel a call towards bliss – this is the will of the universe.
And you…. As you awaken to this day you will feel the pull towards compassion, towards connection, towards Love.
As your mind becomes crisp and the world comes into focus, remember who you are and what you are.
You are a miraculous living being blessed with the rarest of gifts – consciousness.
You are the Universe’s way of experiencing itself.
Let go of the ego “shoulds” and surrender to your true role. You are a sacred witness to all that is. Your role is to appreciate, to be present, to receive, and to keep your heart open. Allow the song of the universe to pull you towards divine alignment.
Align yourself with love. Be unconcerned with outcomes but focus on integrity in this moment. The day ahead is a mystery…it is a miracle…it is to be ridden like a wave, not constructed like a road.
And you… you are now waking up fully. Ready to engage the tasks of this day. Ready to shower each person you encounter with eyes filled with Love.
You are an ambassador of the divine. Whatever you do today, know that you do so as a vessel of Love…all other responsibilities come second.
Now wiggle your toes. Wiggle your fingers. Feel the power growing in this physical form of yours. Good Morning!!!
You are beautiful! You are magical! You are a miracle!
How blessed the universe is to experience your light today!
And you.. you are alive, awake and ready to shower this day with the gift of YOU.
Thank you! On behalf of the universe, THANKYOU. The path you walk is a gift. The light you share is divine. The love you share is ever growing and inspires others.
Know that as you face this day, countless other brothers and sisters awake with this same gorgeous fire in their hearts.
You are a part of a massive vibrational shift. As you align, you help others do the same. And as more and more of us surrender to the divine Flow, a cosmic recalibration has no choice but to echo through the planet.
Thank you, Namaste.

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