The Meaning of Life (The Greatest Game)

Imagine you are God.
You are pure consciousness.
You are the omnipotent creator.
You have the ability to create universes.
You have the ability to experience every supremely blissful sensation.
(For, if you can create all things, you could certainly create a body with sensory abilities that could experience pleasure beyond imagination.)
You exist beyond time and space.
You are all things. You are the One.
You exist in perfection. For eternity.

We are the Universe

As blissful as it must be to be God, it may also become boring.
What would you crave? Entertainment, perhaps?
As God, you would probably create an amazing experience for yourself.
You would create the most amazing game possible.
One with puzzles & lessons & pleasure. With tension & excitement & Joy.
With emotion & heartache & triumphs.
But in order to experience the drama of this experience, you would need to step out of your omnipotence. How much could you enjoy a movie if you knew every plot twist?
You would need to take a vacation from universal God consciousness and step into a fractional perspective. You would need to forget that you were creator and limit your awareness of eternity. You would give yourself a single vantage point to view the universe – limited in a single perspective, from a single moment in time.
You would experience it as Now.
At some times you would enjoy the experience of being a plant. Other times an animal. But the richest of pieces to play in this game (that I am aware of) is that of a human being.

Born with all sorts of hidden awareness & talents, you would have to constantly adapt to the game environement changing all around you. You would ride the shifting environment as you worked with the tools you had.
Since you would need to start the game with your “mind” wiped, you would spend the first portion of the experience developing your tools – your mind and body. Your childhood would be confusing at times. Simple at others. Often blissful with the beginners mind and awe of fresh eyes.
Then it would get more complicated.

In Dungeons & Dragons, when you make a character, you roll a dice to determine the starting levels of the attributes of the character. Your charisma, strength, and intelligence are set – randomly – from the beginning. Sometimes a character starts with an advantage, sometimes with a disadvantage.
The Game of life is the same. Life is not fair. But we take it on by choice.
There is no life that we need envy – for we are all those lives as well. And we will experience them all – even if we can’t do so concurrently.

Halcyon jump by Anthony Iorio

This “I” experience that we have right Now – this is a fractional experience of our own divine consciousness.
We are each God, treating himself to dinner and a movie. Or the divine equivalent of such: A submersive 3-d ride of sensation and emotion that we have lots of control over. The degree of control that we have is something that I still am uncertain of. Clearly we can make choices. We can also affect our reality by what we focus on. Can we bend reality with our thoughts – like a Matrix spoon? Many mystics & channels say, ”yes.” I am open to the possibility.


As we grow in the game, we go through a phase where we see ourselves as separate. We may misunderstand the rules of the game and believe that winning means dominating the environment around us and the other people.
We may try to hoard resources and build up acquisitions.
Since we think of ourselves as separate, we cause harm to things outside ourselves without much thought.
But as we start to unravel the true purpose of the game, we see though that mistake.
We see that we are all connected. That we are all fragments of the One. Of ourselves. We simply don’t experience it personally while enjoying the game we have created for ourselves.
But we start to see that increased Joy anywhere in the world is increased joy for the all. That reduced suffering anywhere in the world is reduced suffering for all.

Occupy San Diego march

Our spiritual practice is about discovering that we are in the middle of the greatest Game in the Universe.
And that the Experience itself is the point of the game – not winning, or acquiring or dominating.
And that while there may be some pleasure involved with winning – it pales in comparison to the Joy of spreading Joy. Being Love and spreading Love is the object of the game.

Temple Talk

So with the awareness, what do you do? What do you do once you know that your life is not the beginning or end, but just a single note of the cosmic symphony – that you yourself have created FOR yourself to appreciate? What do you do with this state of enlightenment?
More of the same. But better.
You have to let the divine awareness slip away – but not entirely. You continue the experience of Life with a renewed appreciation for what is important.
And you try to live your life as best you can.
Take better care of the body.
Create more Joy. Share more Love. Bring more Light. Appreciate every moment more.
Make the experience of the game as joyful as possible. It is a gift to yourself – Enjoy it!


Now the above is not a new idea. Alan Watts speaks of this directly in many lectures. But as my life practice goes on, it is becoming more and more “Truth” to me.
In recent meditations and shamanic journeys I have delved deep into this awareness.
I’ve had some additional clarity & insights, as well.
The people in our lives are like angels. They are additional instances of God (our self), each here to help us along our path. Sometimes to push our buttons. Sometimes to support us. But all are pieces of the puzzle intended to play their role. The ones that feel like demons are still angels…but they are here to teach us things that are difficult.
At some level, the angels all want you to figure out the game. But they can’t actually tell you how. Even if they did, you would not get it without coming to the understanding yourself.
The game is in a constant state of unfolding and resetting. A mobius strip with an unknown beginning and end.
I had a moment where I became conscious of the game. I slipped from my fractional human mind and saw the world – from my single perspective – but with the creators awareness, too.
I knew that the game is played, over and over. For as long as you want to.
The actual moment of reset is an indescribable orgy of color & physical sensation. Like all the pleasure you can imagine is pressing down on you with the weight of all the oceans.
You can stay in that state of bliss if you like, undulating between the pulses of start & reset.
This state of undulating is the breath of god.
This is why so much spiritual practice goes back to breath.
Breath is a fractal experience of God. In & out. Light & dark. Ying & yang. Pulsing perfecting.
But even this eternal bliss pulse is better appreciated with occasional breaks. So when you want to be entertained, you visit Earth (or perhaps other places, too) to play a round of the Game you have created.
A Game that, itself, starts and resets forever in eternity.
Big bang after big bang. Breath after breath.
And with this awareness, we can step back from the anxiety of the Game. The pressure of things undone dissolves.
There is always a reset right around the corner.
There is always a return to Oneness waiting.

“Not to be Believed”

So then how does this awareness change our lives?
It doesn’t.
As the old Zen quote says, “After enlightenment, the dishes.”
But as we break out of the feeling of separateness, we can work to distinguish what is a separate ego desire, and what feelings are universal and divine. From this clarity, we can work to break free from stressful socialized beliefs and align ourselves with Love.
How do we align with Love? We honor our physical bodies. We honor the people and environment around us. We honor our relationship with every expression of divinity in the universe (which is every atom & every vibration.)
Your role is to find the sweet spot of between Joy and Action. I believe is is by viewing yourself in Service to Source.
You need to take enough action in the world to enjoy the challenge. You need to create more Joy for yourselves and others. While doing this, you still need to relax enough to enjoy the Game.
• Too much self-sacrifice = not ideal.
• Too much selfishness = not ideal.
• Too much laziness or passiveness (i.e. getting caught in the loop of televised entertainment & cubicle drones.) = not ideal.

We must balance the experiences of Work, Worship, Love & Play, so that we ride the cycles of highs and lows in a way that feels best to us.
This balance is different for each of us. All lives are perfect. In fact, playing the game as a villain is perfectly valid, too. (But my experience of this “John Halcyon Styn” instance of Life make it hard for me to understand a darker path. It seems to be a shallow experience compared the possibility of Love & Joy. Then again, I am making that analysis from a single consciousness bias.)

Guadalupe Canyon Waterfall

There is no wrong path. Everything is a unique experience that will be treasured from the perspective of God Consciousness.
Some paths simply make the game more pleasant – more magical.
From everything I have studied and experienced during my current round of The Game of Life, it is the alignment with Love – & the pursuit of Joy – that is most clearly our Purpose.

But all of this awareness I’ve described is still (I have to assume) a dumbed-down version of actual Truth – put into metaphors so that the limitations of human experience can (barely) comprehend.
At least that’s as much of the game as I have figured out so far.
Enjoy the ride.
-John Halcyon
January 16, 2012

The Now.

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  1. Isn’t this fun?? Thank you for writing it like this, thank you for the wink. So happy to know you, to hear you. I keep wondering, the dishes… and then? But then I remember to be brave and go deeper, and the dishes keep getting more fun.

    I love you, and thank you.

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