Guided By Love – Hug Nation Feb 14, 2012

How can we use LOVE (instead of anger or fear) to guide us in the world?
(This was inspired by some criticism I’ve received lately about my “Float More” beliefs and how it can contribute to an unjust world.)

– “love” – 3 types Phileo “brotherly love”, eros “romantic, erotic.” Agape “divine love” [spelling?]
– Agape Love
– Love more, Fear less. Float more, Steer Less. does not mean INACTION!
– the same action done from a place of love, feels different from an action done from a place of anger, or guilt.
– GOD as Love, the highest form of vibrational flow. become more in alignment.
– you notice when you are out of alignment. you can move towards this from a negative place.
– you can fight darkness, or you can spread light. you have to take action.
– Criticism of my positivity. whether moving away from negative or towards positive, we are on the same team.
– spread light. look for opportunities. have integrity in the moment.

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