“Memory Mindfulness” Hug Nation March 26

What does it mean if our imagination controls our future thoughts AND our past story?! Inspired by recent readings on the science of memory.
(second half of broadcast – after hug: http://youtu.be/SMSLJk_gKIM)

links mentioned:

— memory and how the brain works. 3 states of awareness. Remembering the past, being present, and imagining the future.
— Future is an imagined state. worry and you experience the pain of the future now. if you instead imagine a positive future, you have a positive now, and in fact, attract a positive future.
— imagining the past. every time we remember something, we actually rewrite that memory in our head.
— experiments with beta blockers and erasing memories
— rewriting memory from a place of peace.
— the future is the creation of our minds imagination. SO IS THE PAST.
— the way you tell your story, is the way it is. retell your story in ways that make you happy.
— if your goal is Joy and Happiness over accuracy, remember that you are a creator.
— In the Now, all is well. Be aware of the way you tell your story and imagine your future.
— the story that you tell is the experience that you have.

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