Yoga Thoughts – Hug Nation 4.24.12

TOPIC: “Yoga Thoughts” & “Tension. Release. Tension. Repeat.”
Hugnation 4/24

– NOW moment.
– I’ve been putting a lot of energy into spiritual growth and expression, but not as much into my physical development
– Part of being a human being is the gift of physical being in the world
– Yoga is not a collection of postures, that is ONE form of yoga.
– Types of Yoga
– I am in no way an authority on yoga.
– beefcakey pictures on facebook.
– Yoga is a personal practice. a gift to yourself. subtle magical reminders to be present. Tuning into the experience of the now.
– The theory behind yoga resonates with exactly the things I’ve been talking about on Hugnation for years.
– Concept of a “practice”. There is no finish line for yoga, no end goal. Everyone has a practice.
– when you stop seeing your life as a process of getting places, and instead see it as a series of tasks at hand, a practice… it reduces stress anxiety.
– “life is a practice”
– the practice of yoga helps to remind us of the practice of life. life is struggle. a series of challenges we figure out.
– “obstacle” implies that something is in the way of a goal. if you change your mindset so life is a practice, there is no such thing as obstacles.
– Human consciousness is duality. God consciousness is unity. Life IS the rollercoaster.
– be present, have integrity, align with love.
– you always have a choice.
– we are characters in one another’s play.

Hug Nation – April 17

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What 1st Saturdays is for me.

What 1st Saturdays is for me.

It is a recalibration. It is a reminder of who I am and how blessed I am. It is a reminder of the kind of world I want to live in.

I am reminded to be thankful for what I have.
Thankful for the love in my life.
Thankful for the people I meet along my journey.

I am reminded that I am an integrated part of this Universe.
And that no matter how seperate I may think I am – due to my ego mind or our crazy media culture – that I am connected to everything.
If you are more Joyful, then I am more joyful.
If I am more Joyful, then the whole is more joyful.
We are all connected. And we are all on the same team.

From our cultural state of near-obscene abundance, it can feel like we are maxed out on Joy potential.
We try to get newer phones, bigger TVs and nicer cars. We strategize for more bank account security for imagined futures.
But when we remember that we are connected, even our discarded excess can bring us more joy than shiny new things – simply by sharing with someone in need.

My extra resources, like some old coats or $10 bills, can do far more to make my experience more enjoyable if I can share them with someone who could use them.

From the perspective of universal connection, It is a selfish act.
Your Joy is my Joy.

So we come together every 1st Saturday to remind ourselves that we are connected. That we are abundant. And that the world we live in is one filled with open-hearted people who help remind us of our true selves:

We are amazing creatures in a miraculous place. We are blessed beyond measure and gifted with a consciousness that rockets us out of the cyclic violence of nature into the potential of divine compassion.

We are not here to survive. We are here to Thrive. To Appreciate. To Create. And to Love.
1st Saturdays reminds me of that.