Yoga Thoughts – Hug Nation 4.24.12

TOPIC: “Yoga Thoughts” & “Tension. Release. Tension. Repeat.”
Hugnation 4/24

– NOW moment.
– I’ve been putting a lot of energy into spiritual growth and expression, but not as much into my physical development
– Part of being a human being is the gift of physical being in the world
– Yoga is not a collection of postures, that is ONE form of yoga.
– Types of Yoga
– I am in no way an authority on yoga.
– beefcakey pictures on facebook.
– Yoga is a personal practice. a gift to yourself. subtle magical reminders to be present. Tuning into the experience of the now.
– The theory behind yoga resonates with exactly the things I’ve been talking about on Hugnation for years.
– Concept of a “practice”. There is no finish line for yoga, no end goal. Everyone has a practice.
– when you stop seeing your life as a process of getting places, and instead see it as a series of tasks at hand, a practice… it reduces stress anxiety.
– “life is a practice”
– the practice of yoga helps to remind us of the practice of life. life is struggle. a series of challenges we figure out.
– “obstacle” implies that something is in the way of a goal. if you change your mindset so life is a practice, there is no such thing as obstacles.
– Human consciousness is duality. God consciousness is unity. Life IS the rollercoaster.
– be present, have integrity, align with love.
– you always have a choice.
– we are characters in one another’s play.

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