15 Lessons from 41 years

I turn 41 on Monday. Here are 15 things I’ve discovered along the way that make life more AWESOME.

1. Gratitude is key
2. Life is a practice.
3. Life doesn’t get easier…you get better at it.
4. Embrace the cycles.
5. Don’t believe everything you think.
6. Learn Discipline of your focus.
7. Avoid the trap of comparison.
8. Everything has been done… but not by you.
9. Your weaknesses can be your strengths.
10. The meaning of life is to experience life.
11. Keep you options open…until you don’t
12. When at a crossroads, which is Love? Which is Fear?
13. Make room for luck.
14. Show up.
15. Embrace death.

Happy Birthday, Brother!


Jimmy is 39 today.

What a wonderful thing that is. Every year of your light is another blessing for the world.

Jen & Jim
As you grow with Jen, you teach me what partnerships can be.

And as you bloom into an amazing dad, your light shines even brighter.

As I watch your beautiful boys play, I am struck with memories of us at the same ages. Memories I had long forgotton of you at 4 and me at 6. Of endless roughhousing. Of a bond I felt towards my little brother that I could never express at the time.

I still can’t express it.

We have shared countless adventures – with many more in store.

it's a bird...?
I’m excited to see whatever your tomorrow holds.

I love you, Jimmy! Happy Birthday!

Voiceover script for 1st Saturdays promo vid

Every 1st Saturday of the month, friends and neighbors get together in San Diego.
They are a wide range of ages and come from all types of backgrounds.
They represent many spiritual traditions, but come together under a banner of service and love.
“We’re just good people doing good things,” they say.
They collect donated clothes. They make sandwiches & cookies. They assemble care packs filled with toiletries and comfort goods.
And once a month they set up a street boutique to distribute these things to the resource-limited members of the community.
It is less an act of social change, and more a gesture of interconnectedness.
In a world that often pushes us to feel separate and act selfishly, 1st Saturdays reminds us that the deepest joy comes from sharing joy. And that the world can be as loving and compassionate as you make it.
Sometimes the best way to get happier, is to make someone else happier.
Join 1st Saturdays in San Diego, or start up a monthly event in your town.

Show: LOGO
“1st Saturdays: Good people doing good things”
Txt. ”Check out 1stSaturdays.org for more information.”

History of the Universe

In the beginning there was Spirit.

He created light.

Then matter.

And a universe was born.

It was a vast cosmic dance of stars & rocks & gas & space. Mostly space.

On one amazing planet, filled with water, Spirit did something amazing: He made the planet Fertile.

Life EXPLODED. In the seas, in the land, in the air.

Spirit knew it was amazing, but had a hard time appreciating it.

So he hatched a plan to help him see the Universe with fresh eyes.

He found a super evolved ape on that fertile planet, and impregnated it’s DNA with sort A Genetic Transmitter. It allowed a tiny bit of his omnipotent Spirit consciousness to be be transmitted into every human born.

And so Spirit found himself inside the body of a human being – with complete amnesia of his divinity. Within the restrictions of “Time” he could appreciate every rock and flower. Without his omnipotence, we was able to get excited about new ideas and have adventures.

Human consciousness is the Universe’s way of experiencing itself. We are all God – playing a round of his Amnesia game.

The rules of the game are: appreciate the gift, increase the love, and follow your Joy.

But the genetic transmitter is being turned up. And the vibration of Spirit is getting louder. More and more people are waking from their amnesia. This is the Fertility 2.0. We are all pregnant with our own divine awareness. The time of gestation is up to you.

Hug Nation May 8 – lots of good stuff

Hug Nation started out talking about “Drama.”
But it didn’t go exactly as I hoped. In fact, as I began the hug, I was thinking, “That wasn’t as I hoped, maybe I won’t archive it.” And I realized that I was totally NOT being present as I began the hug. So I stopped, re-calibrated, and then started the hug again.
It turned out to be a wonderful hug and then set the stage for a GREAT post-hug Q & A session.
For Happy Hour, I discussed Drama at Burning Man, then dealing with political differences (based on questions about NC’s gay marriage ballot measure.)

The awesome Q & A

The original Belief Buffet about drama:

Burning Man Drama:

And North Carolina Gay Marriage & politics thoughts: