History of the Universe

In the beginning there was Spirit.

He created light.

Then matter.

And a universe was born.

It was a vast cosmic dance of stars & rocks & gas & space. Mostly space.

On one amazing planet, filled with water, Spirit did something amazing: He made the planet Fertile.

Life EXPLODED. In the seas, in the land, in the air.

Spirit knew it was amazing, but had a hard time appreciating it.

So he hatched a plan to help him see the Universe with fresh eyes.

He found a super evolved ape on that fertile planet, and impregnated it’s DNA with sort A Genetic Transmitter. It allowed a tiny bit of his omnipotent Spirit consciousness to be be transmitted into every human born.

And so Spirit found himself inside the body of a human being – with complete amnesia of his divinity. Within the restrictions of “Time” he could appreciate every rock and flower. Without his omnipotence, we was able to get excited about new ideas and have adventures.

Human consciousness is the Universe’s way of experiencing itself. We are all God – playing a round of his Amnesia game.

The rules of the game are: appreciate the gift, increase the love, and follow your Joy.

But the genetic transmitter is being turned up. And the vibration of Spirit is getting louder. More and more people are waking from their amnesia. This is the Fertility 2.0. We are all pregnant with our own divine awareness. The time of gestation is up to you.

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