Voiceover script for 1st Saturdays promo vid

Every 1st Saturday of the month, friends and neighbors get together in San Diego.
They are a wide range of ages and come from all types of backgrounds.
They represent many spiritual traditions, but come together under a banner of service and love.
“We’re just good people doing good things,” they say.
They collect donated clothes. They make sandwiches & cookies. They assemble care packs filled with toiletries and comfort goods.
And once a month they set up a street boutique to distribute these things to the resource-limited members of the community.
It is less an act of social change, and more a gesture of interconnectedness.
In a world that often pushes us to feel separate and act selfishly, 1st Saturdays reminds us that the deepest joy comes from sharing joy. And that the world can be as loving and compassionate as you make it.
Sometimes the best way to get happier, is to make someone else happier.
Join 1st Saturdays in San Diego, or start up a monthly event in your town.

Show: LOGO
“1st Saturdays: Good people doing good things”
Txt. ”Check out 1stSaturdays.org for more information.”

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