15 Lessons from 41 years

I turn 41 on Monday. Here are 15 things I’ve discovered along the way that make life more AWESOME.

1. Gratitude is key
2. Life is a practice.
3. Life doesn’t get easier…you get better at it.
4. Embrace the cycles.
5. Don’t believe everything you think.
6. Learn Discipline of your focus.
7. Avoid the trap of comparison.
8. Everything has been done… but not by you.
9. Your weaknesses can be your strengths.
10. The meaning of life is to experience life.
11. Keep you options open…until you don’t
12. When at a crossroads, which is Love? Which is Fear?
13. Make room for luck.
14. Show up.
15. Embrace death.

3 thoughts on “15 Lessons from 41 years”

  1. Merle asked what the “extra tips” were that I shared during the broadcast. So here they are!

    Extra tips:
    16. Compliment people (genuinely) as often as you can think to do so.
    17. Support people’s passion. Criticize as little as possible.
    As Jacob says, “Nobody wants your good advice.” Wait till they ask you 3 times.

    18. Listening and being excited for other people makes you very likable.
    Having a story to tell about your recent life makes it easy to socialize.

    19. Networking isn’t what I thought it was. Be likable, deliver on time, make people look good.

    20. Name dropping impresses nobody.

    21. The stereotype that women want to be heard while men want to fix is true. (Men are from mars.)
    – more than that, people are different. You can’t project the way you would do something onto others. INTJ, inneagram, etc.
    They should know better. Not unless you tell them.

    22. If you can’t find a job doing your dreams, find a way to make enough money to survive, that gives you as much time & energy left over as possible.
    23. Your dream job is not on craigslist. You have to create it. Either for yourself, or convince a company that they need it, and you are the perfect person for it.
    24. While at a job, find areas that can be improved and offer to fix them – for free.

    25. When public speaking, it is tempting to think that you need to impress people. But people WANT to like you. Let them.

    26. When in doubt, fake it till you make it.

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