Special vs. Holy Relationships

We are here to learn from our relationships. The more we can make those relationships holy, the more we grow into our divine nature.

Q & A about Self Sabotage. “We are not here to win. We are here to learn.”

To be read at my Funeral (in case of accident)

Please share at my Funeral aka “Passing Party:”

1) My life has been full beyond my wildest expectations. Do not mistake it’s length for it’s content. I never thought I would make it past 30, so I’ve been in the bonus round for a while now.

2) My death was not tragic. I have fully embraced a certain level of risk with regards to my choices and behavior. I can’t imagine what kind of life I would have had if I had played it safer, but it would not have been mine. And I can be pretty certain it would not have been so amazing.
My life has had crushing depression, prestige, notoriety, admiration, growth, and a whole lotta love. It’s a life I would risk dying for.

3) I believe that my life was a rare gift – a chance to experience a singular consciousness as a human being. I have now rejoined the infinite consciousness – and all is perfect.

4) I was born into privilege and enjoyed freedom, intellect, and bitchin’ metabolism. I was deeply aware of these gifts and did my best to show humble gratitude for these gifts while sharing them.

5) I didn’t – at least consciously – want to die. But I am totally at peace with it.

6) I recognize that my passing will cause pain for those I care the most about. I am deeply sorry. Your pain is the only negative about my death. I hope you know that I am a part of you, just as Grandpa remained a part of me after he died. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to live like I did. To take risks and make crazy choices. I always cared what you thought, but in the end I followed my heart. Thank you for loving me enough to let me.

7) I may not have wanted to die when I did… but I definitely didn’t want to live forever. This was as good a time as any.

8) I did good things. I learned so much. I loved deeply. I had amazing relationships. I’m proud of my life.

9) Being John Halcyon Styn was an amazing ride. Thanks for being such an important part of it. My love for you will ripple through the cosmos, always.

the “Imperfect” Butterfly

My amazing friend Shawn wrote this today and I had to share:

A letter to my beautiful children explaining our experience with the “Imperfect” butterfly.
It isn’t necessarily fair for me to project emotions and feelings onto this little butterfly’s experience but I’m compelled to document the details of this butterfly’s story as a metaphor for you three. Its my hope that his messages can continue to be a source of strength as you travel through difficult times on your way to a greatness that is beyond even your most fantastic dreams.
Continue reading the “Imperfect” Butterfly

“The High Road Is Its Own Reward” Hug Nation 06.12.12

TRUE success is about the choices we make – not the things we acquire.

“GAY MOTHERSHIP” (“Ain’t Watcha Think”) Hug Nation 6.5.2012

This is a clip about assumptions, homophobia, Burning Man magic, and pink.
Oh, and and my new role as Commander of the Gay Mothership.
**FULL Broadcast **

I was browsing through the local free gay rag, “RAGE” and saw a picture of ME with the caption, “THE GAY MOTHERSHIP IS CALLING EVERYONE HOME!”

Original Photo is from Burning Man 2007 by Carie Camacho.

The totally unrelated – RAGE article.
Rage cover

Proposed TEDx_AFC bio & headshots


Bio: John Halcyon Styn

John Halcyon Styn has been exploring the edges of online expression for over 17 years. In 2001 he earned his first Webby award for the over-the-top personal site CockyBastard.com.
The social fruits of these digital explorations lead to roles community building at CollegeClub.com, MySpace.com, and co-founding 2 short-lived social media sites, CitizenX.com & Anybeat.com.
He hosted the defunct NBC.com web series “Fears Regrets Desires” and delights in telling stories whenever a microphone is free.
While still flamboyant and addicted to over-sharing, Halcyon’s path has gone towards self-growth and spirituality. His second Webby award came in 2007 for the video podcast “Hug Nation,” originally co-hosted with his grandfather, Rev. Caleb Shikles. Hug Nation is in its 10th year of weekly live broadcasts and archived “Love on Demand.”
Halcyon is an official blogger for BurningMan.com and frequently speaks about Gratitude at music and art festivals.
In 2010, Halcyon co-founded the San Diego based “1st Saturdays” homeless outreach program based on the principles of Burning Man and the ideal of “service without sacrifice.” His hair is not naturally pink. He has no tattoos.


“Clear Straw” Hug Nation May 29, 2012

Last week I received the same message from 4 powerful teachers. In this broadcast I tried to share the message through my own filters.
The teachers were: Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jacob Glass, Bashar, & Tom Kelly (teaching Paramhansa Yogananda)

post hug discussion: