To be read at my Funeral (in case of accident)

Please share at my Funeral aka “Passing Party:”

1) My life has been full beyond my wildest expectations. Do not mistake it’s length for it’s content. I never thought I would make it past 30, so I’ve been in the bonus round for a while now.

2) My death was not tragic. I have fully embraced a certain level of risk with regards to my choices and behavior. I can’t imagine what kind of life I would have had if I had played it safer, but it would not have been mine. And I can be pretty certain it would not have been so amazing.
My life has had crushing depression, prestige, notoriety, admiration, growth, and a whole lotta love. It’s a life I would risk dying for.

3) I believe that my life was a rare gift – a chance to experience a singular consciousness as a human being. I have now rejoined the infinite consciousness – and all is perfect.

4) I was born into privilege and enjoyed freedom, intellect, and bitchin’ metabolism. I was deeply aware of these gifts and did my best to show humble gratitude for these gifts while sharing them.

5) I didn’t – at least consciously – want to die. But I am totally at peace with it.

6) I recognize that my passing will cause pain for those I care the most about. I am deeply sorry. Your pain is the only negative about my death. I hope you know that I am a part of you, just as Grandpa remained a part of me after he died. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to live like I did. To take risks and make crazy choices. I always cared what you thought, but in the end I followed my heart. Thank you for loving me enough to let me.

7) I may not have wanted to die when I did… but I definitely didn’t want to live forever. This was as good a time as any.

8) I did good things. I learned so much. I loved deeply. I had amazing relationships. I’m proud of my life.

9) Being John Halcyon Styn was an amazing ride. Thanks for being such an important part of it. My love for you will ripple through the cosmos, always.

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