Letting Go

Jacob spoke last week about a lesson from “A Course In Miracles” about how we sometimes avoid being too happy, because that would mean that we were not damaged by those we feel have wronged us. We hold on to our suffering because our story – and the anger we hold on to – requires a victim.
We also talked about a different kind of letting go – when you loose a loved one.

TEDx Perfection

My TEDx talk was a smashing success. I felt excited, not nervous, on the day of. When I hit the stage I fell into the flow. I had to fight back tears a couple times, but otherwise felt totally in the zone and channeling Love. It was an honor to share Grandpa.

When I finished, the crowd gave me (and Grandpa) a standing ovation. My parents were there to see it – and feel the love, too.
It was an experience I’ll never forget.
(Archive should be online within the month.)
Sharing "Gratitude, Gifting, & Grandpa" at TEDx

Making Pink Lemonade

Today was an exercise in rolling with the punches and finding the cone.
– Get in my car to go to my coaching appointment…dead battery. SOLUTION: Meet via Skype
-Get ready to head to yoga, realize my car is still dead. SOLUTION: Bike to yoga
-Lock up bike and realize that this is not my pink combination lock. SOLUTION: Go to yoga and deal with it after
-Call people who I may have switched locks with. No luck. SOLUTION: walk to Hardware store 3 blocks away.
– Unable to convince them that my phone and car keys were good enough collateral for me to borrow bolt cutters. No time to walk home and back before they close. SOLUTION: Employee begrudgingly walks to my bike with me.
-Owner hesitation about helping someone with no ID clip a bike lock. SOLUTION: assurance that the ownership of the pink fur bike will be *obvious* when he sees the bike.
-Bolt cutters do not cut cable lock. Return to store and increasingly bitter employee walks *back* to free my bike. SOLUTION: Once freed, bike to a local friend’s house, borrow $10 and ride back to the store before they close to thank and tip the employee.

All in all, I think I did a steller job of loving reality and embracing the task at hand. This is NOT how I would have handled this 5 years ago… or even 1 year ago. I’m giving myself a gold star and taking a shower. <3

“Road to TEDx” Hug Nation

I am giving a talk at TEDx talk on July 14th and the anxiety nervousness and excitement makes it a perfect opportunity to practice non-attachment.

additional thoughts about MONEY!