TEDx Perfection

My TEDx talk was a smashing success. I felt excited, not nervous, on the day of. When I hit the stage I fell into the flow. I had to fight back tears a couple times, but otherwise felt totally in the zone and channeling Love. It was an honor to share Grandpa.

When I finished, the crowd gave me (and Grandpa) a standing ovation. My parents were there to see it – and feel the love, too.
It was an experience I’ll never forget.
(Archive should be online within the month.)
Sharing "Gratitude, Gifting, & Grandpa" at TEDx

4 thoughts on “TEDx Perfection”

  1. It was a great talk. It was great meeting Grandpa. What an incredible story. I can’t wait to share your talk in the courses that I teach. It’ll definitely be one that I can use to spark some great conversation. Thanks again for the talk.

  2. Hey
    Is it online yet? cant wait to see it. Also was your Tedx talk on the playa recorded? missed it this year.

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