I have been in a profound place since Burning Man. Actually “place”is the wrong word. “Trajectory”, perhaps….since there is so much movement.?… But, no, it is not linear… so “”vortex” perhaps?

I have been in a profound vortex since returning from Burning Man. The intensity may fade, but I feel changed.

I hope it means our relationship will deepen, but I recognize that in some cases that will not be the case. If I start to sound preachy or make you want to roll your eyes, I totally understand. We will connect again. I am grateful for the steps we walked together on the path. I am simply being called to act from a different place now. Feel free to unfriend me. Or lurk. It’s all good. 🙂

I also recognize that I am beginning to connect with more people than my memory can keep track of. My ego is embarrassed when I don’t remember – but I hope you know (and feel) that my heart is present when we are together. I hope you will forgive the cellular limitations of my mind and accept the embrace of my heart…even if we need to meet a 2nd or 3rd time.

I’m also finding myself – for the first time – in the position of possibly missing digital replies. With my phone and computer, I try to stay on top of things. I try to ‘like’ and reply and keep the connections alive. But the Facebook platform makes it challenging at times to audit the past and make sure that I have responded to everything that I wanted to (as opposed to email.)
If you have ever ask a question or say something that you want a response to, feel free to follow up in an email after a day or 2. I am walking step by step, and I will do my best.

I continue to believe in the power of these digital tools of connection (like Facebook) – and remain aware of their functionality limitations & potential to stunt our physical connections and expressions. That being said, the power to be connected is amazing. I hope you will stay connected and encourage your open hearted (or ‘seeking to be more-open hearted’) friends to SUBSCRIBE to my blog, Facebook feed, YouTube, G+, Twitter, or preferred tool (links in comments.) I’m sure there are many more great tools, and I will embrace them as they make sense to me. Love *is* being transferred digitally. The ripples are happening.

Finally, even though I may sound like I’m taking myself WAY too seriously, I assure you, I am floating lightly. I am deep in my sense of play, HIGHLY aware of my flaws, and allowing love, light & laughter to lead me.

In Service-
– John / Halcyon / Commander Happypants / Cocky Bastard / Life Student / Righteous Prick / Shadrach /

p.s. Not sure how long this feeling will last. If this chapter is over tomorrow, feel free to tease me about it. Or help me back on track. Either way, thanks for coming on the ride.

Shadrach photo by Aaron Dressin

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