Life in Overdrive

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I have a cameo in this fun BM 2012 video: (at 0:22)

Featured in this fun podcast (at 12:50):

“The Pink Path” helped cheer up a bad day:

Doing 3 min on stage here:

The Hugmobile sighting in an article on SD Canyons.

My pic of my family used in Craiglist Scam (and in the New York Times) (follow up story on my family coming out next week)

photo credit in NYT

3 thoughts on “Life in Overdrive”

  1. Its been sort of a strange feeling as I see my friends all around me doing things that, while they could appear small and insignificant, take off in some different (not expected) way. You would be one of these people.

    When I stopped by the Pink Heart, you were giving a talk to 40+ people…standing room only. I was posted up in the back, trying to catch a glimpse of you. You briefly were able to exchange words with me just before that day’s 1st (of 2) Pink Bike Ride’s began. As a pedestrian, I watched the bikes begin rolling towards Center Camp.

    The amount of activity (people) was staggering to what I am used to seeing from you when I seen you doing your Hugnation traditions on the playa. You are really larger than life.

    If you do feel vertigo though, feel free to breathe, meditate, maybe even stop by Bohocrush (formerly Planet Crush) or other sites that bring you to your neutral tabula rasa…. it will server you well.

    Good luck!

  2. We crossed paths at my most hectic moment! I was sorry I was (feeling) so busy. But I’m glad we at least had a moment. It was an odd shift this year that I am still finding my comfort in. LOVE <3

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