“Righteous Prick” Hug Nation Sept 11, 2012

1st Hug post-Burning Man

It is long video, and it is deep…but I came back from Burning Man with a more powerful vision than ever before. We are all Messiahs. Our Heroes Journey is to greet each task at hand by being Present – with Integrity – aligned with Love.

I step into a new chapter of power. I open to a new level of vulnerability.  I Love you.

Includes reflections on:
Grandpa Caleb (GrandpaCaleb.com), Pupose, Westboro Baptists, Burning Man Sexual Assault, & living our Purpose.

“Be Present. Have Integrity. Align with Love.”

Wedding photos by Ben Indyck and Andy Cooper

4 thoughts on ““Righteous Prick” Hug Nation Sept 11, 2012”

  1. Thanks for your amazing and accessible Playa Hugs when I brought my posse to PinkHeart! Those were huge hugs of gratitude.
    Massive Blessings as you move into greater awareness of your gifts and influence.
    Namaste Pink Brother.

  2. Dear John. You never cease to amaze my friend. Meeting you this year at Burning Man, getting big ((Hugs)) from you (not to mention the wonderful photos), is my best memory of all. You are an inspiration and a gift. Looking back on my younger years life I am finally able to let go of regrets and move forward. Years of undiagnosed and improper treatment of bipolar disorder robbed me of years that should have been joyful but were, instead, tormented. My children deserved better than I was able to give them, which was by biggest regret. I have forgiven myself and lots of other people who aren’t even aware of it, which doesn’t matter because I am. In 2005 I finally got my miracle. My bipolar has been under good control with medication and lots of good therapy. At the age of 66, I can live life as it should be lived–in the moment. The past is where it belongs and where it will remain. The future will take care of itself. You my Pink haired friend, are my shining star–a reminder every day of what is important and what is not. I look forward to seeing you again next year at Burning Man.

    I was so pleased that you posted my images on your FB page. My photography is my greatest joy in life, second only to my children and grandchildren (all 10 of them). In many ways it has become my saving grace. Though you are not physically in my life your kind and loving sprit certainly is. You are a gift from the Universe put here on earth to inspire others. Can’t wait to get my hugs when we come home in 2013. I know you have many, many friends and may not remember me, but I will always be thankful for what I have learned from you my son.

    Namaste <3

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