Past Blast

Just found an old box of photos and journals from when I was 20-23 years old. That was the chapter where I first tried drugs. It was truly an experimental phase – I practically had a lab coat.

It was also right after my profound experience on a Turkish Mountaintop. I just found a list of “Beliefs” I wrote down and am blown away by how little has changed.

1) The experience of living is the ultimate miracle.
2) The “object” is to experience the world as intimately as possible. As free from socialization as possible. With a child’s eyes…with wonder and excitement.
3) Following you mind, not steering it, can be rich.
4) People are infinitely more similar than different. And this “sameness” is the spiritual link between all living creatures/things.
5)Optimism, wit, and open-mindedness are more important than intellect.

(There are also some sexual observations…but I’m keeping those private for now.)

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