The lessons of Grandpa, Gratitude, and Gifting have become a way of life for me. An I am starting to see the affect of these ideas on my life and in the world
‎Pink Heart, my Burning Man camp, is making an appearance at events on boths coasts in the coming months. And next month 1st Saturdays SAN FRANCISCO CHAPTER will host its first event – while we host ours in San Diego.

I am seeing the ripple effects of Love… of “Selfish Service”…and everything I put into the TEDx talk…actually HAPPENING. My eyes are filled with tears and my heart is soaring.
I hope you enjoy.
And if it touches you, please share with a friend, a local reporter, and everyone that could smile more and be more in the world.

2 thoughts on “TEDx”

  1. Seeing so many loved ones sharing my talk is overwhelming in the best possible way. It is almost like getting to be witness at your own funeral, as people say the nicest things about you. Luckily, I have plans to hug every one of many more times before this dance is done.

    It has also been more emotional than I expected. Grandpa has been a STRONG presence in my life the last year, but as so many people have “met” him in the last 24 hours, the sensation is like nothing I’ve experienced. A mix of Joy & faith & gratitude that keeps bringing the happy tears.

    Part of the Joy is knowing that I am introducing Grandpa – and the work I have been doing for the last decade – to a whole new set of people. I feel excited, not because of “more eyeballs” like I would have been in the past, but because I know how much peace these ideas have brought me. I know that I am a happier & better person in the world. And the more people in line with this Love vibration, the easier it is for me to recalibrate to it. Your Joy is my Joy.

    I will be sharing the link to this talk frequently in the coming days. If I become redundant, please understand. I worked harder on that talk than anything I’ve ever done. It contains “Most Everything I’ve Learned About Life” in 17 minutes.

    Luckily I’m learning more in every moment.

    Thank you for receiving and sharing. If you know anyone is media, it would be such a gift it you would make them aware of the talk – and let them meet Grandpa, too.


    p.s. if you would like to spend a little more time with Grandpa Caleb, visit http://www.GrandpaCaleb.com/

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