“Direction, Not Distance” Hug Nation Oct 9, 2012

Today we discussed how we begin as clear straws, and then begin to get congested with the sediment of our socialization. And how it can be important to focus on being aligned with truth, and let the magnitude of your actions work themselves out.

(Watch a previous full episode on “clear straws”)

this video includes:
– Focus first on the direction. On your alignment.
– First Saturdays
– If you are in alignment, you take the next step, the ripples, if they are true will be felt.
– You don’t Make it happen, you Allow it to happen
– Trying to be as clear as possible, walk with as much integrity and love as possible is the direction. keep correcting, keep realigning. And things will happen.
– As we align ourselves to OUR truth, because we are all connected, we collectively, make all of humanity more in alignment with the divine.
– not about the magnitude, about the integrity.

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