Coaching on Camera?

I have a T.V. show in development! I wanted to put a casting notice out to my network first. We are looking for people in San Diego (or possibly LA) that would let me help them through a life coaching-type challenge. I promise it will be fun, filled with hugs, and potentially life-changing.
Interested? Shoot me a note to

EDIT: I have to admit that am humbled and inspired by the response. THIS MANY people want to STEP UP in a big way and do so publicly!? WOW. My mood just went through the roof. What an amazing time, what an amazing community, what an abundance of internal and external opportunities we ALL have at our fingertips.
My dream is for this project to resonate with the culture at large so that self-awareness, personal power, personal expresion & joy has no choice but to spontaneous express itself from people’s hearts – fractaling out into the world. Because we are all ALL teacher/students – with our own SELF as our primary project…and every baby step towards Love/Truth/Integrity that any one of us makes is a triumph for us all.

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