TV Pilot Casting

I have a T.V. show in development! I wanted to put a casting notice out to my network first. We are looking for people in San Diego (or possibly LA) that would let me help them through a life coaching-type challenge. I promise it will be fun, filled with hugs, and potentially life-changing.

Here is the follow up email we are sending out:

Thank you for your interest in our prospective TV show!

If interested, please reply w/ answers VIA EMAIL to “” to ensure it goes to the right people.

We are looking for 1 person to shoot the pilot with and 8 more for the remaining episodes. We are looking for an assortment of people with different types of challenges to work through and turn crap to cone.

What we need to know from you:

  1. How would you describe yourself in 1 sentence? “I’m a ____ who likes to ___ but has never been able to ____”
  2. What challenge do you struggle with that keeps you from fully enjoying life? (work related? financial? self esteem? relationship? childhood issue? unable to move past a trauma? Physical situation? other?)
    *If you have multiple challenges that might work, feel free to share others.
    Where are you located (SD/LA/Other?)
  3. What friends and family are in the area that we could talk to who know about your challenge?
  4. Anything we should know about you that would make you perfect for television? Special situations/skills/etc.?
  5. contact info (phone, please)
  6. link to your facebook profile or photos of you online

As things progress, I will post updates online, and contact you personally if we need more from you to move forward.
-John / Halcyon

P.s. I’m doing private coaching now. If you were also (or instead) interested in private coaching in-person on via skype, let me know.

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