I’d only had coffee all day. Decided to get off the crazed rush hour LA streets and grab a bite to calm my body & nerves before driving the 3+ hours home. “NO PARKING AFTER 6” It was 5:55… I rushed in to the cafe and asked for the item I thought I could get to go the quickest. 10 minutes later, my panini was toasted & I ran to my car. I found an officer writing me a ticket. “So, so sorry,” he said with feigned sincerity.
“It’s not your fault,” I said to him as he handed me the $68 ticket.
Then a wave of frustration hit me and I threw my takeout bag into my car against the passengers side window.
I was shaking- No food. Running to the car. The ticket.
I opened up the bag and devoured my mangled sandwich. A part of me wanted to cry. A part of me wanted to call someone and say, “Feel sorry for me! This isn’t fair!”

And then my pulse calmed. And my perspective kicked in.
And I thought, “How incredibly lucky I am to have the opportunity to be in Hollywood, on an adventure, making a creative project come to life. My car is mechanically sound & running well. And I have a home and amazing girlfriend to go home to.”

We stumble. We get back up. Life is amazing.

One thought on “Ticket”

  1. Sometimes you’ve just got to vent. Throwing a panini is much better than a punch. I’m guessing you’re laughing about it now. I am.

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