2012 Highlights!

While I strive to embrace the miracle of every moment, Every year I also like to look back and remember the big, grand highlights. This was 2011.

Below is 2012:

  • Hosted Hug Nation every Tuesday at 1pm & 6pm.

  • Helped run Pink Heart camp.
    BM 2012 by Matt Freedman
  • The Pink Path premiered at the SDBM film fest.Screen shot 2012-12-30 at 10.02.07 AM

  • Did Voiceover for a Burning Man documentary film (not mine)

  • Recorded voiceover and did live blessing as part of a magical a performance at Fuente Eterno.

  • Standing “O” for my TEDx talk with my parents in the audience.
    photo by Rich Van Every

  • photo by Jonny Quest - YOUtopia 2012Officiated several non-traditional weddings.

  • Was the subject of a Buddha Doodle.
    Buddha Doodle by Mollycule

  • Released my first “produced” audio recording, “Morning Blessing”. (And an Apocalypse Blessing, too.)

  • Helped lead 1st Saturdays magical gatherings every month, with Love Ripples into several new cities. (i.e. 1st Saturdays SF!)

  • Spoke at Lucidity, YouTopia, Ignight, Flow Temple, & Burning Man (4 times including TEDx BRC)

  • Participated in SF, LA, & SD Decoms.

  • Recorded a BWB Salon about Gifting & Homelessness.

  • My pic of my family used in Craiglist Scam (and in the New York Times)
    got a photo credit in the NYTimes

  • Photo of me used in unrelated article about the Gay Mothership
    Screen shot 2012-06-05 at 8.46.03 AM

  • IMG_5305Participated in my first Santacon.

  • Tons of wonderful nephew time. Nephew thanks
  • Did lots more yoga.

  • Ramped up my coaching business and am working with wonderful individuals on inspiring paths of growth.

  • Enjoyed countless kisses with Brandi.photo by Jonny Quest - YOUtopia 2012

    THANK YOU for being a part of 2012. It is an honor to share this amazing planet with you during these exciting times. May we all continue to grow in love and raise the Joy vibration of the Universe. <3 Love, John

Holidays & Apocalypse – Hug Nation Dec 18, 2012

Figgy Pudding, Gay Apparel AND the End of Humanity!? Woo-hoo!!!

“Practice makes Present” Hug Nation Dec 11. 2012

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Xmas 2012 Shopping Ideas

The pressure to BUY this time of year is strong. Instead of giving from obligation, gift with joy. And, when possible, make your purchases be VOTES of what you want more of in the world. Below are some places online where friends of mine are selling the labors of their hearts, minds, and hands.
(For Xmas silliness, visit Eggnography)


“Love More. Fear less.” (My book) also avail on Amazon

Buddha Doodles by Mollycules (or any of her adorable books or prints.)

“WHOLE” book by Brian Seth Hurst

Sex: A Book for Teens by Nikol Hasler

The People Of Burning Man By Julian Cash


Jeremy Weinglass Gorgeous piano

Dub Sutra Gorgeous meditation/yoga tunes

Wayne Stadler Art

Cristina McAllister Art

Saul Maurer Art


Rei’s Photos

Ken Beaney Art


Dancing Wings or the healing Anjbags (natural microwavable heating pads) by Anja

24x7digital.com Educational Apps for the kiddies

www.babyherbals.com organic herbal baby care items, tinctures, herb bath and a few other things!

Kale Chips

Eco Hoops

Foxy Monster Bear Hoods

Uniquely Yours candles, bows, etc.

www.legacystudioandgallery.com Healing Trees are very popular this time of year


SachiIvySachiIvy Feather fascinators, hair/hat clips, pins & brooches, barettes, all very beautiful & colorful designs.
SunnylandStudio Beautiful paintings
pagibbons Greeting cards & more
painterly Super cool crocheted hat!
KatsJungleTreasures lamps & tails!
fritzandfraulein mens Dopp kits/cosmetic bags, iPad, laptop and other device sleeves, pillows, etc… from repurposed fabrics (military blankets, vintage grains sacks, suits, retro fabrics, etc…)
BohoGoddessGarden chakra bracelets with genuine gemstone beads and other cute knick-knacks
siriuslyred vintage hats and sharpmantiques for vintage razors and mensware
FaerieGardenFancies Cute polymer clay jewelry, paintings, and more!
AriaBello tuxedos and fuzzy boots for babies
over7seas Unisex neck warmers (wool-blends and pure wool)
AbattoirLaneStudios pyrography
padshiyangel25 everything to satisfy your fuzzy needs!
AmaeLove Comfy, cute & stylish Clothing, Peacock Jewels, Lotus petals, Ruffles and Accessories

Tristan Taormino products & picks feminist, sex-positive, woman/queer owned

CHARITY GIFTS: (take it one step deeper!)

Stocking Stuffer Certififcate!
BONUS GIFT IDEA 1: Give a care pack to a needy individual. Donate $3 to 1stSaturdays then download & printout this certificate to give as a stocking stuffer.

BONUS GIFT IDEA 2: As I mentioned in my TEDx talk, my grandpa like to gift livestock to impovershed families on a loved one’s behalf via Heifer.org

Eartha Harris Fundraising Gifts

Philippines Relief Help James do disaster relief

Feel free to add a link to your store/products in the comments!

“Lessons” Hug Nation Dec. 4. 2012

Life isn’t full of obstacles… it is full of lessons. This week I share a story of a late night “obstacle” that reminded me to see the lessons.