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My son wants his hair colored brightly and I’m not sure how to do this without also dying his scalp as his hair is about the same length as yours. How do you do it and what dye do you recommend : ) thanks you for input, he’d love a bit more expression on his head I think, I’m sure you can relate


Well, you have to bleach first. The brand “SPLAT!” that you can get at a wallmart or CVS (and has my face on it) includes bleach and dye and is a pretty good solution.
I use more a bit more professional grade bleaching products from a beauty supply store (40 weight developer and powdered, on-scalp bleach – if you want to ask for it.) And a color called atomic pink from a brand called Special effects (that I order off the internet.)
But the easy answer is: Splat! kits.
Have fun and PLEASE send me a pic if he does it!
Put Vasiline around the hairline and ears to minimize dying skin. But the reality is your scalp will get stained..for a day or 2. 🙂

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