“Ego vs. Egotistical vs. Egoless” HugNation Feb 26, 2012

One’s ego can be in service to divine self.
Or, in service to pride.

Egotistical = being self-centered to the point of refusing to see others perspective or acknowledging the possibility of multiple “truths”

Ego is the self on top of the divine I am.
The roles and labels that define the character that we play.

When I say acting from Ego, what I am often referring to is the constructed identity that is the result of socialization. The collection of beliefs that come from the outside.

And after the hug I shared about my recent post on The Daily Love and how things have magically lead to my new job.

Work with me? (Developer)

I have been hinting at my new job in Ventura. I’m pretty damn excited about it. I hope to be able to share more publicly, soon. As we are ramping up, we are looking for a few in-house positions.

One is a designer/UI person. (could be part time or possibly freelance.) The other is developer. In case that is you, here is what my new co-worker (and awesome person & Buddhist) is looking for.

We are searching for elite-­level software developers with success in building large-­scale applications.

This is an opportunity to join an early-­‐stage, well-­‐funded company that is focused on making meaningful changes in the world. The right person will have a strong drive to succeed, and feel called to accomplish something special in his or her life. Expect an exciting, fast-­‐paced and rewarding work environment as part of a small, uniquely
talented team of four or five developers as we begin our journey together.

Qualifications Needed:

3+ years developing custom applications in PHP
3+ years working with MySQL
Yii MVC framework experience
E-­commerce experience
Big Data experience such as MongoDB, Hadoop, Casandra
Experience creating APIs and working with 3rd party APIs
Ability to learn fast and work in a small team
Good Communication Skills

What’s in it for you:

Awesome Comprehensive Benefits for you and your family;
Competitive Base salary;
Be a part of a company that will improve people’s lives;
Supported by a management team with a broad range of industry, tech and
project management skills.

Plan on signing an NDA before entering detailed conversations with us.