New Job. New City. New Flow.

Six months ago I was living off savings, while launching a Joy Coaching practice and working on an outline for a book. (Read: LOTS of hours on Facebook)
Everything was going according to the leisurely plan I had worked out with my Coach, Karpo.

But the direction of my Flow changed overnight.

I was recruited to come work for FreshRealm – an ambitious startup in Ventura backed by a NASDAQ publicly traded fresh food company.
(This logo is one of the first things I was responsible for.)

By “recruited” I mean that the CEO, who went to Burning Man for the first time in 2012, sought me out after seeing my “Playa Tips & Tricks,” 1st Saturdays & TEDx videos. When he learned that I went to high school with one of the co-founders, it seemed meant-to-be.
I wasn’t looking for a job. But when I met Mike, I felt a connection. There was a series of synchronicities that made me feel called to work with the team. The co-founders all had genuine, heart-centered agendas -and impressive backgrounds, too.

Mike & Me

I originally agreed to a 6 week contract job. It has now been 6 months and I have the title, “Co-founder.” How serious is it? I just gave 30 days notice to my San Diego landlord. (Although I am still spending most weekends in San Diego with Brandi.)

In the last 6 months I have worked harder than I ever have before. I have pushed myself past my limits. I have learned a ton. I love my work.

I am in charge of Branding & Company Culture. They value my Burning Man roots, honor my Hug Nation commitment, and I get to use the word “Love” in the office. A lot.

Wait…”Love?” What does FreshRealm do?
A: We have invented a Shipping System & Vessel that allows fresh food to be distributed nationally.
But the better question is the one that made me feel called to work with this team in the first place.
Q: WHY do they do it?
A: To demonstrate that the world works better with Love: Love of self, Love of the planet, and Love for one another.

Love is not a finite resource. It doesn’t have to be preserved or rationed out. We believe that, even in business, more efficiency can be achieved with more Love.

Everyone at FreshRealm is on a path to be more loving, connected, & authentic people in the world. My job is to make sure that is reflected in our culture and communicated through our brand. Hopefully it will resonate with you.
Because, if you’re reading this, YOU are one of those people opening you heart and striving to be more loving, connected, & authentic. Thank you. It matters. You matter.

Whether or not you ever order from a company that uses the FreshRealm Vessel, I would still love to have you connected to what I’m doing with the team there. (Like the gratitude circle during Goodness Fridays!)
I feel like I am channeling my book writing & coaching energies into a corporate adventure. Super challenging – but I am considering it research for the final chapters of that future book. I am learning SO much. And I think significant change can come through the transformation of corporate consciousness.

This hectic schedule has meant being online much less. But I still do Hug Nation every week (Now on Mondays.) Once FreshRealm launches, I plan to spend more time in Social Media again via the Goodness Friday & FreshRealm pages.
I’d love it if you rode along with me and “Liked” either or both of those pages. (Of course, feel comfortable hitting “Unlike” at any time if I post things that don’t interest you.)

So grateful for this adventure. So grateful for YOU.
Wearing my Big Boy pants

42 thoughts on “New Job. New City. New Flow.”

  1. Hey John,

    I only met you once but I’ve followed your progress, watched lots of videos over the years and I’m always impressed by your outlook on life. I think this company is very lucky to have you and you’re the type of person that has a lot of energy to expend so it’s cool that you’ve found a worthy outlet to push change and make positive things happen.

    Good luck to ya brother, don’t change.

  2. That is so amazing! The best things come from being loving and authentic. You’re still an inspiration, perhaps more so now! I’m putting out to the universe to find where I can really be of service. It has to be in San Diego as I am responsible for my 92 YO mom here. Love following your story, and glad that you will not be disappearing from our lives.

  3. Feel a bit weird saying this. Maybe it’s the parent in me, although you are certainly not a child. I am extremely proud of you. You encompass all a human being should be and everything I strive to be. Congratulations.

  4. an exciting opportunity my friend! it really is a great company with a great concept, that is meeting a very clear demand in our culture… and they are blessed to have you.

  5. Now it all makes sense! Love the synchronicity! Love the idea of FreshRealm! Love when something feels so right….and I feel blessed to have you join us in Ventura!!! Welcome!

  6. Hey Halcyon, I haven’t personally met you, but feel some kind of connection with your thoughts! I wish you the best in everything you are doing and hope to possibly collaborate in someway in the future! Love that your startup is food related… We animate recipes, if you guys ever need a funky animation Or something I would love to chat! Anyhow hope we cross paths in BM! Much energy to you and all the exciting things you are doing!!



  7. This is awesome news ! I hope this endeavor is just as successful as your past startup co-founder position in Anybeat !!

  8. So if you are coming to Ventura then we can be neighbors! I love it up here! Ventura reminds me so much of the childhood I spent in San Diego.
    I’m a free lance hair and makeup artist so I would love to touch base with Brandi if she is ever visiting. Maybe we could use her amazing talents and gorgeous smile on a wedding!
    It’s evident there is a whole lot of love you have to offer, I enjoy all that you write about and share on hug nation. Keep up the good work, keep going with the flow!

  9. I just hope you have awesome business cards with that “Be An Executive” picture on it.

  10. Hi, Halcyon!

    It is so wonderful to hear Your possibility to start fresh and there in Freshrealm. Sounds that their corporate climate should be copied to many other businesses around this crazy world… I had, I have and I will have campaign, because of Love. It can change so many things around us, if it is shown and used.

    Great that You are one of those “Warriors” of Love! Have a many positive vibes today!

    Amor vincit omnia,

  11. Congratulations, Halcyon! So hyppy for you! The world is a better place because of you! Truly. Love.

  12. Wow! What an opportunity to take BM values and spread them to the outside world!!!! Yeah, you had to take that job!!

  13. its smart of them to hire you John. good for you. Keep on changing the world. I was once in a pink parade! LOVE to you.

  14. John you have always been a brilliant light among the masses! We as a society are truly blessed to have you as one of the true solutions for so many human issues and concerns. Now you are part if FreshRealm a company which shares your views! What a lovely breath of fresh air. So stay strong and I know you will move with the light of LOVE as your guide! Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations John! May you and your beautiful pink wings continue to soar and show the way. Blessings to you, on all your good work and to those who invited you to influence a corporate world. 🙂 BrightHeart

  16. Awesome to see you move from one story to another in midstream. Good luck with this venture. I’ll be following along. And hope to see you during the Pink Ride again this year.

  17. On board w your message…feeling inspired as you hold the lantern of light and invite us all into your heart realm of action. victory in the process! One thing I really love about you is your gift for being present..for listening and then swinging that volition into positive actions. It is one thng to inspire but to lead means to partake. Reciprocal wxchanges that get thoe juices flowing and delight and bring together…bringing commune-ity hOMe. Looking forward to a playa hug!

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