Go Meet Yourself


While traveling in Bali, we had plans to attend an Ecstatic Dance event at the Yoga Barn. I had never attended an Ecstatic Dance and I was petrified. Lucky for me, it was sold out by the time we got there.

I ended up meeting someone outside who knew me only from Burning man and my online presence. I told her that I was deeply relieved that it was sold out because I was so anxious about attending.

She smacked my knee and started laughing hysterically.

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The Progress Virus

(I am posting this as a way to play with ideas I have been reading & thinking about. I have not vetted all info, yet. I welcome opinions or links to corroborate or argue against anything within.)
When I proposed the thought experiment (see last post) of your consciousness being someplace other than right behind your eyes, it sounded absurd.
I mean, what would a Human Being be without consciousness as we know it?

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Who are You? (From the View in your Head)


Your perception of the Universe is warped because of where your consciousness is housed.
You experience the universe from the space right behind your eyes. It almost feels like your head is the cockpit of the meatbody spaceship that you control.

But you only control the movement of the limbs and muscles. You only perceive what the exterior senses access – experiencing (some) light waves as color and (some) vibrations as sounds.

But you are blind and deaf to the majority of what is happening in the Universe and inside your body.
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