Lesser of 2 Evils

To those who have challenged my endorsement of Hillary:

Some people say, “I refuse to pick the lesser of two evils.” To which I would argue: you are getting caught up in a phrase. “The lesser of two evils” is the same thing as “the better of the two.”

Other people are fixated on the foul play that was a part of the primary. I would make the case that politics has always been a dirty game – at every level. There is a reason why Bernie is strongly encouraging everyone to vote Hillary. It isn’t coercion, it is logical game play.

Here is the new way I am looking at it:

Imagine you were pulled over and your 4 friends were framed by a corrupt small town cop. Your lawyer advises, “Innocent or not, you’ve been framed with no good alibi. The system here is corrupt. You could take the plea bargain and do 30 days community service…OR face a jury (which will include people as close minded as the cop) and possibly do 4 years in jail.” THE LESSER OF THOSE 2 EVILS IS MASSIVE. You could refuse to compromise your integrity and face the jury, but the potential downside is just so big. You and all of your friends could pay a huge price. Losing sucks, but losing everything is worse. The time to fight that city’s corruption is before you were arrested and after your trial is over.

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I am under no illusion that I will change anyone’s mind. I was simply defending my previous statements and addressing some counter arguments.

My reason for speaking out in the realm of politics is this: I do believe that political leadership affects the day to day lives of citizens. (Not just President, of course.) As a person of privilege, it affects me less than many. And perhaps I am out of line by trying to address anyone’s needs (or suffering) other than my own. But I look forward a couple years and have the thought: “If the next President makes decisions/appointments/etc. that eliminate the rights of people I love (i.e. ANYONE) and I did not speak up when I had the chance – I will regret my silence.”
You may disagree with my voting strategy. I’ll agree that the world is a complicated place and there is no black and white. My Hillary endorsement is based on 1) trusting Bernie Sanders 2) Trusting the opinions of people I know who have followed politics & world history MUCH more deeply than I have for decades 3) My intuition.

I have no desire to debate or argue. I speak up to be heard by those on the fence (or ambivalent) who value my opinion. Far deeper than my political views is my love for everyone. I love Trump. I love Hillary. I love Bernie. I love you. I will love every single citizen of this country and the world no matter what the election outcome. I will seek to increase love and reduce suffering on a personal level every day, regardless of the election cycle.

If voicing my opinion has reduced your respect of me, I have no control of that. I wish you well.