Vote with your dollar

In addition to petitions and calls, I encourage everyone to do some “voting with your dollars” this week to causes that call to you.
Here are some places I’m personally supporting:
(Feel free to post organizations you believe in *that you have personally gifted money to recently.*)


Net Neutrality

Civil Rights

Men’s Health

Human Evolution

Facebook Filter App Developer
http://www.fbpurity dot com/

+ private gifts to friends in need.


My Facebook feed is full of updates from Standing Rock and a number of my friends have even gone to join the water protectors.   If you are unfamiliar with the situation, watch the 1st video.
If you are unaware of the violence the peaceful demonstrators are receiving, watch the second video.  Facebook Life broadcasts last night showed Militarized Police using water cannons in sub-freezing temps, shooting rubber bullets and tear gas.

It must suck to be a grade school teacher this week figuring out a Thanksgiving-themed lesson plan.
“Teacher, aren’t we spraying the peaceful, praying Native Americans with water cannons in sub-freezing temps, shooting tear gas canisters, and shooting them with rubber bullets in Standing Rock RIGHT NOW, in 2016?”

“Shhhhhhhh….just keep tracing that hand. See? It’s a turkey!”

(Detailed coverage of last night’s violence)