A Once Mighty Orange Tree


In my parents’ backyard, there was a magnificent orange tree. When I was a kid it was a barren seedling. But it grew to 10 feet tall and bushy with lush, healthy branches. Every year it would fill the yard with fragrant blossoms and then produce hundreds of big, juicy fruits.

Every visit to my parents would end with them handing me a bag or two of citrus. You never had to worry about scurvy in my house.

Then, two years ago, the tree got sick. It developed some fungus that traveled up its trunk and branches. The leaves became sparse, displaying a sickly web of sticks and thorns.

But it was still alive.

And the next summer it, once again, produced tons of fruit.

But the oranges were different. They were significantly smaller, and packed with seeds.

It was as if the tree knew it was dying.

It knew that it’s days of producing fruit were numbered.

Whereas it originally tried to produce the most delicious and appetizing fruit possible, now it was focussed on survival.

How can I preserve my bloodline?

So it made seed creation it’s number one focus. Changing the very structure of its fruit to address the situation.

“My time on this earth is almost done… go forth, children, and multiply!”

Jesse Gros posted today, “What’s the earth’s vision for our planet? We know the people’s vision… we are living it.” But what is the Earth’s vision?

I thought of that dying tree.

I wonder how many other places this biological reaction is happening?

What other shifts are occurring because of environmental distress?

Is the spreading of plant medicines from jungles through the industrialized world the planet’s immune system kicking in? Could shamans and ancient wisdom be traveling through the world like white blood cells? In Ayahuasca ceremonies and mushroom trips, is the planet healing unhealthy patterns and re-programming its cancerous human cells?

As sickness threatens the planet, could the explosion of conscious awakenings be Gaia’s attempt to “make more seeds?” So that even if this tree gets so sick that it can no longer produce fruit, the seeds will travel beyond the time and space of that specific tree. And the seeds of human consciousness will not be bound to the time and space of this sick planet in this specific dimension.

Or maybe I should just quiet my mind and savor the juicy, sweet magnificence of an orange.

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