10 things my face/image has been on (no lies)


  1. A billboard in San Francisco (Inspiration Campaign)
  2. Dildo packaging (Tantus Silicone)
  3. A tour bus (CollegeClub.com)
  4. Keg Cups (CollegeClub.com)
  5. FreeCreditReport.com Social Media campaign (in a wig, playing “Roadie Jack”)
  6. RAGE magazine “Gay Mothership” spread
  7. Book jacket back cover (Love more. Fear Less.)
  8. Documentary Teaser (HUMAN vol. 2)
  9. Makeover Episode of Daytime TV show (with Mario Lopez)
  10. Hair Dye Box (“Pink Fetish” Splat!)

Old Interview Answer

“I used to think of the Internet as this massive digital sledgehammer that I could use to attack the status quo…but I’ve mellowed.

Now I think of it more as a vibration amplification machine.   People doing good things get noticed, and their ideas spread.  Instead of outward actions,  I am more focused on acting from integrity, sharing  publicly, and then letting things happen.  Every action creates ripples in the pond and the Internet turns those ripples into massive waves through collective action.  What I have learned is that those waves cannot be created by  brute force or marketing dollars.   The momentum must come from Integrity and Truth.”