Awards & Hoopla

I have been honored to receive Webby Awards for my digital explorations twice.

The first was for COCKYBASTARD.COM.
Back before “blogs,” we had “homepages.” Cockyastard was my attempt at the grandest personal homepage ever. I wanted to push the medium as far as possible in an attempt to cast myself as protagonist in this new digital medium. In the end, it was a testament to self-love. Of course, in our culture, if you admit to loving yourself you are accused of being, “a cocky bastard.” And thus the tongue-in-cheek URL.

The awards were an amazing time and opened up many doors for me. But my favorite part of all of it was the parody video, “Behind The Website,” that Dave Skaff and the Webby Awards produced for the Awards show the next year:

The second Webby was in the “Video:Reality” category for HUGNATION.COM. This was particularly meaningful as it was awarded to me AND Grandpa Caleb. We were nominated while he was still here, and won just weeks after his death.

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