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New Job. New City. New Flow.

Six months ago I was living off savings, while launching a Joy Coaching practice and working on an outline for a book. (Read: LOTS of hours on Facebook)
Everything was going according to the leisurely plan I had worked out with my Coach, Karpo.

But the direction of my Flow changed overnight.

I was recruited to come work for FreshRealm – an ambitious startup in Ventura backed by a NASDAQ publicly traded fresh food company.
(This logo is one of the first things I was responsible for.)

By “recruited” I mean that the CEO, who went to Burning Man for the first time in 2012, sought me out after seeing my “Playa Tips & Tricks,” 1st Saturdays & TEDx videos. When he learned that I went to high school with one of the co-founders, it seemed meant-to-be.
I wasn’t looking for a job. But when I met Mike, I felt a connection. There was a series of synchronicities that made me feel called to work with the team. The co-founders all had genuine, heart-centered agendas -and impressive backgrounds, too.

Mike & Me

I originally agreed to a 6 week contract job. It has now been 6 months and I have the title, “Co-founder.” How serious is it? I just gave 30 days notice to my San Diego landlord. (Although I am still spending most weekends in San Diego with Brandi.)

In the last 6 months I have worked harder than I ever have before. I have pushed myself past my limits. I have learned a ton. I love my work.

I am in charge of Branding & Company Culture. They value my Burning Man roots, honor my Hug Nation commitment, and I get to use the word “Love” in the office. A lot.

Wait…”Love?” What does FreshRealm do?
A: We have invented a Shipping System & Vessel that allows fresh food to be distributed nationally.
But the better question is the one that made me feel called to work with this team in the first place.
Q: WHY do they do it?
A: To demonstrate that the world works better with Love: Love of self, Love of the planet, and Love for one another.

Love is not a finite resource. It doesn’t have to be preserved or rationed out. We believe that, even in business, more efficiency can be achieved with more Love.

Everyone at FreshRealm is on a path to be more loving, connected, & authentic people in the world. My job is to make sure that is reflected in our culture and communicated through our brand. Hopefully it will resonate with you.
Because, if you’re reading this, YOU are one of those people opening you heart and striving to be more loving, connected, & authentic. Thank you. It matters. You matter.

Whether or not you ever order from a company that uses the FreshRealm Vessel, I would still love to have you connected to what I’m doing with the team there. (Like the gratitude circle during Goodness Fridays!)
I feel like I am channeling my book writing & coaching energies into a corporate adventure. Super challenging – but I am considering it research for the final chapters of that future book. I am learning SO much. And I think significant change can come through the transformation of corporate consciousness.

This hectic schedule has meant being online much less. But I still do Hug Nation every week (Now on Mondays.) Once FreshRealm launches, I plan to spend more time in Social Media again via the Goodness Friday & FreshRealm pages.
I’d love it if you rode along with me and “Liked” either or both of those pages. (Of course, feel comfortable hitting “Unlike” at any time if I post things that don’t interest you.)

So grateful for this adventure. So grateful for YOU.
Wearing my Big Boy pants

Work with me? (Developer)

I have been hinting at my new job in Ventura. I’m pretty damn excited about it. I hope to be able to share more publicly, soon. As we are ramping up, we are looking for a few in-house positions.

One is a designer/UI person. (could be part time or possibly freelance.) The other is developer. In case that is you, here is what my new co-worker (and awesome person & Buddhist) is looking for.

We are searching for elite-­level software developers with success in building large-­scale applications.

This is an opportunity to join an early-­‐stage, well-­‐funded company that is focused on making meaningful changes in the world. The right person will have a strong drive to succeed, and feel called to accomplish something special in his or her life. Expect an exciting, fast-­‐paced and rewarding work environment as part of a small, uniquely
talented team of four or five developers as we begin our journey together.

Qualifications Needed:

3+ years developing custom applications in PHP
3+ years working with MySQL
Yii MVC framework experience
E-­commerce experience
Big Data experience such as MongoDB, Hadoop, Casandra
Experience creating APIs and working with 3rd party APIs
Ability to learn fast and work in a small team
Good Communication Skills

What’s in it for you:

Awesome Comprehensive Benefits for you and your family;
Competitive Base salary;
Be a part of a company that will improve people’s lives;
Supported by a management team with a broad range of industry, tech and
project management skills.

Plan on signing an NDA before entering detailed conversations with us.

Coaching on Camera?

I have a T.V. show in development! I wanted to put a casting notice out to my network first. We are looking for people in San Diego (or possibly LA) that would let me help them through a life coaching-type challenge. I promise it will be fun, filled with hugs, and potentially life-changing.
Interested? Shoot me a note to

EDIT: I have to admit that am humbled and inspired by the response. THIS MANY people want to STEP UP in a big way and do so publicly!? WOW. My mood just went through the roof. What an amazing time, what an amazing community, what an abundance of internal and external opportunities we ALL have at our fingertips.
My dream is for this project to resonate with the culture at large so that self-awareness, personal power, personal expresion & joy has no choice but to spontaneous express itself from people’s hearts – fractaling out into the world. Because we are all ALL teacher/students – with our own SELF as our primary project…and every baby step towards Love/Truth/Integrity that any one of us makes is a triumph for us all.

TEDx Perfection

My TEDx talk was a smashing success. I felt excited, not nervous, on the day of. When I hit the stage I fell into the flow. I had to fight back tears a couple times, but otherwise felt totally in the zone and channeling Love. It was an honor to share Grandpa.

When I finished, the crowd gave me (and Grandpa) a standing ovation. My parents were there to see it – and feel the love, too.
It was an experience I’ll never forget.
(Archive should be online within the month.)
Sharing "Gratitude, Gifting, & Grandpa" at TEDx

Proposed TEDx_AFC bio & headshots


Bio: John Halcyon Styn

John Halcyon Styn has been exploring the edges of online expression for over 17 years. In 2001 he earned his first Webby award for the over-the-top personal site
The social fruits of these digital explorations lead to roles community building at,, and co-founding 2 short-lived social media sites, &
He hosted the defunct web series “Fears Regrets Desires” and delights in telling stories whenever a microphone is free.
While still flamboyant and addicted to over-sharing, Halcyon’s path has gone towards self-growth and spirituality. His second Webby award came in 2007 for the video podcast “Hug Nation,” originally co-hosted with his grandfather, Rev. Caleb Shikles. Hug Nation is in its 10th year of weekly live broadcasts and archived “Love on Demand.”
Halcyon is an official blogger for and frequently speaks about Gratitude at music and art festivals.
In 2010, Halcyon co-founded the San Diego based “1st Saturdays” homeless outreach program based on the principles of Burning Man and the ideal of “service without sacrifice.” His hair is not naturally pink. He has no tattoos.

99% + 1% = One

I am heading to the Occupy San Diego march tomorrow.
I was asked by some people, “Why?”

I am not naive enough to think life is fair and I am not smart enough to understand politics. I recognize that there is no simple solution you can write on a sign. But even if it will never change, I still think it is good to discuss these ideas and question “the way things are.” I vote joyfully. I donate money happily. And now I will march with Love.

I have made some good decisions. And I have worked hard. But I have also been blessed. I spent some time reading through the posts on this site: and tried to put myself in some of the tighter fitting shoes. They may not all understand wall street. But their frustration is real…and justified.

The irony is that I don’t really believe in protests. Or that any meaningful change happens by trying to change the exterior world. But I do believe that many people coming together can help change each other. (And then the world will reflect that change.)

Besides, I know my grandpa would be there.


p.s. I have been engaged in conversations about #Occupy on Anybeat. I invite you to join me there.