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Mother’s Day 2013

Mother's Day 2013

If all you did was give me life, I would be supremely grateful.
If all you did was feed me, bathe, me and protect me, I would be forever in your debt.
If all you did was teach me, encourage me, and believe in me, your impact on who I am would be massive.
But you are also one of my best friends.
I’m honored to know you. I appreciate your thoughts. I truly enjoy our time together.
I’m so proud to be your son.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Holidays & Apocalypse – Hug Nation Dec 18, 2012

Figgy Pudding, Gay Apparel AND the End of Humanity!? Woo-hoo!!!

“Righteous Prick” Hug Nation Sept 11, 2012

1st Hug post-Burning Man

It is long video, and it is deep…but I came back from Burning Man with a more powerful vision than ever before. We are all Messiahs. Our Heroes Journey is to greet each task at hand by being Present – with Integrity – aligned with Love.

I step into a new chapter of power. I open to a new level of vulnerability.  I Love you.

Includes reflections on:
Grandpa Caleb (, Pupose, Westboro Baptists, Burning Man Sexual Assault, & living our Purpose.

“Be Present. Have Integrity. Align with Love.”

Wedding photos by Ben Indyck and Andy Cooper

Life in Overdrive

Screen shot 2012-09-15 at 5.06.25 PM

I have a cameo in this fun BM 2012 video: (at 0:22)

Featured in this fun podcast (at 12:50):

“The Pink Path” helped cheer up a bad day:

Doing 3 min on stage here:

The Hugmobile sighting in an article on SD Canyons.

My pic of my family used in Craiglist Scam (and in the New York Times) (follow up story on my family coming out next week)

photo credit in NYT

TEDx Perfection

My TEDx talk was a smashing success. I felt excited, not nervous, on the day of. When I hit the stage I fell into the flow. I had to fight back tears a couple times, but otherwise felt totally in the zone and channeling Love. It was an honor to share Grandpa.

When I finished, the crowd gave me (and Grandpa) a standing ovation. My parents were there to see it – and feel the love, too.
It was an experience I’ll never forget.
(Archive should be online within the month.)
Sharing "Gratitude, Gifting, & Grandpa" at TEDx

Happy Birthday, Brother!


Jimmy is 39 today.

What a wonderful thing that is. Every year of your light is another blessing for the world.

Jen & Jim
As you grow with Jen, you teach me what partnerships can be.

And as you bloom into an amazing dad, your light shines even brighter.

As I watch your beautiful boys play, I am struck with memories of us at the same ages. Memories I had long forgotton of you at 4 and me at 6. Of endless roughhousing. Of a bond I felt towards my little brother that I could never express at the time.

I still can’t express it.

We have shared countless adventures – with many more in store.

it's a bird...?
I’m excited to see whatever your tomorrow holds.

I love you, Jimmy! Happy Birthday!

2011 Year In Review

I like to take a moment each year to look back. (Here is my review from 2010 )

My 2011 Year In Review:
1. Turned 40 years old
2. Attended my 14th Burn & helped lead Pink Heart.

3. Gave a sermon at my childhood church.
4. Spoke at the Burning Man film fest, Soul Base dance event, & several Flow Temple events on Venice Beach.

5. Reached 1 million plays on YouTube.
6. Produced and performed in my first ever dance performance.
7. Produced a 30 minute film & submitted it to a festival.
8. Was subject of a 15 minute documentary.
9. Helped launch
10. Video blogged for
11. Broadcast 100 Hug Nation shows.
12. Helped lead Help The Homeless each 1st Saturday.
13. Participated in an Occupy march.

14. Lots of great times with my nephews.

15. Supported and was inspired by my Mom’s breast cancer battle & recovery.
16. Feel deeper in love with Brandi.

17. Built a deeper relationship with Dmitry, plus many old & new friends.
18. Was on the news for National Hugging Day (& our sleeping bag drive.)

19. Profiled in CityBeat Magazine.
20. Got a Wikipedia entry.
21. Continued to develop peace & joy for myself, my community, and the planet.

Life just gets better and better.
The Now feels more and more miraculous.
My sense of Awe deepens.
My gratitude soars.
My heart continues to expand.
Thank you for being a part of the journey.
-john halcyon styn