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Figgy Pudding, Gay Apparel AND the End of Humanity!? Woo-hoo!!!

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Yuletide ramblings about the consumer culture of Xmas and an attempt to refocus on Gifting & the birth of Christ Consciousness within us all.


The tree outside my bedroom window is a fruit-laden loquat tree. Blish mentioned that we should harvest them and make something. So we did!

Loquat hunter Canning chutney

We ordered some canning jars and found a recipe for loquat salsa & loquat chutney. Loquats taste a little like apricots and are the size of large cherries (with big seeds inside.) Since it was mothers day, we made some fun labels and gave our treats as gifts. Fun experiment, but I don’t think I will add “canning” to my list of hobbies.
Mothers day gifts


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