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"What's your workout routine?"

I take a lot of shirtless self-portraits. Which occasionally leads to the question, “What’s your workout routine?”

I’ve realized that this question is not as easily answered.
The way my body looks is 90% genetics, 7% diet, 2% what exercises I do, and 1% magic.

I have not eaten red meat in over 20 years and have been a vegetarian since 2007. I do eat eggs and dairy. I eat very little during the day (but drink coffee) and probably eat way too much at night.
My body, naturally, is lean. At it’s balance point I have high metabolism, pretty low body fat, nicely shaped pecs and “hip” lines, small arms, skinny calves, and a pretty okay butt.
I love my body. I feel exceptionally blessed.
But I know that I did not “earn” it through dedication and sweat.
I have had periods in my life when I was focused on optimizing my physique with gym routines, supplement regimes, etc. (Thankfully, that was also during the period when I was filming myself naked a lot. I wonder which came first? But I digress…)
All I was ever doing was fine-tuning what I was born with. In fact, when I tried to bulk-up in College, I was miserable. I tried so hard to put on muscle mass, but it wasn’t how my body wanted to be. I got up to about 185 at my heaviest. But I’ve been between 155-165 ever since. (Caveat: I do not own a scale and generally only learn my weight at doctor visits.)
The real goal is to reach for optimizing your body and health. And recognizing what your body’s baseline is makes all the difference in the world.
All that being said, here is my workout, when I do it:
Push-ups & sit-ups one day. Then pull-ups & sit-ups. 2-3 sets of each, as many as I can do. Alternating Days.
It takes like 15 minutes but generally allows me to stay toned and feel strong.
(I should note that I have NOT been doing them lately. Wait. No time but the present, right? I’m going to step away..RIGHT NOW.
Okay, I’m back.. Just did a set of 19 push ups.)

Whew! Thanks for the motivation.
Good luck finding your body’s baseline and optimization path!

My Top 10 Odd & Offensive Achievements

Dec 7 will be the 15 year anniversary of my first domain name registration ( Here are a few of my highlights along the way…

1) I am was the #3 result for “assless chaps” on Google Image Search.
Assless Chaps

2) I am the box model for Splat! “Fetish Pink” hair dye.
resume now says: "Pink Hair Model"

3) Sam Donaldson said “Get a load of that guy!…what an ego!” about me at the 2001 Webby Awards. (NOTE: I was wearing white assless chaps at the time. Seriously.)

4) I modeled for the cover packaging of several Tantus Silicone dildo models. (non-explicit.)

5) I Organized a number of adult stars to do a “Pink Aid” fund raiser & DVD after Hurricane Katrina. Habitat for Humanity would not accept the $, so we gave it to the brand new Burners without Borders. (*NSFW)

6) I shared the homepage with Obama on Inauguration day. homepage

7) While living in a webcam house, MTV followed me around for a week and did a 30 min doc about my projects called, “Naked on the Net.”

8 ) I was a contestant on an Adult Pay-Per-View reality show filmed in Jamaica. (I was booted for impotence. Seriously.)

9) Had my long hair cut off on a daytime Talk Show by Danny Bonneducci, Dick Clark, and Mario Lopez. (Mario used my hair as a horse’s mane and galloped around the stage. Seriously.)

part 2

10) I was the poster boy for the Facebook precursor, “” My face was on plastic cups, posters, stickers given out on campuses all over the country.




And here’s a video of me explaining them in a little more detail during HugNation Happy Hour:

Oh my god! It's Jesus!

I’m going to see Jesus tonight.

Jesus Christ, Superstar, that is. I saw the movie recently and enjoyed it far more than I expected. Tonight is the play.

I’ve been thinking alot lately about the religious part of me and the not-quite-family-friendly part of me.

As HugNation got popular last year, I downplayed my adult projects and deleted links. I still do work for an adult client, but I removed the digital connections between my Hug Life and and my Smut World.

Of course, in a world of google and, that is rather silly undertaking.

I wonder if maybe this year I’ll find a better balance between the two. Or an integration. Or an eradication.

I was listening to a spiritual lecture where they said, god/the universe/etc. wants you right now. As is.
So as I offer myself to the universe, perhaps it is silly to think that my purpose as a tool of the universe is somehow *outside* of the adult world I’ve been a part of. Perhaps I should stop trying to close the door behind me and start seeing it as a part of my congregation. (We all have a congregation. And we all spread our message, whether we like it or not.)

When I did the Hug Tour, I was pleasantly surprised at the attendance from colleagues in the adult world. It suppose it goes back to what I say every week at Hug Nation: Beneath the thoughts and beliefs of our ego minds, we are all PEOPLE. Normally, I am talking about political and religious differences…but maybe I should address “morality” differences, too.

We can all love more. We can all fear less.

And for every one of us that does that …even at the smallest degree …and regardless of where we are starting from …the world is made a better place.