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FRD – "Desire for Fame"

I just returned from my 9th year speaking at the South By Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, Texas. One thing I heard often was, “What?! You have a show on What the…!!? Um, I mean… ‘That’s great!'”

This video explains a little bit about how my hosting role happened.

The truth is, it was only when I stopped trying to get on a show that I was in the right place to be on one.

(Video includes actual audition footage. The adorable laughter you hear is Mickipedia.)

Have YOU ever tried so hard to win something that you ended up losing yourself? (PLEASE COMMENT ON site!)

"It's How You Play The Game." FRD

Okay, okay… I was wrong. Or at least, my mind has been changed. Seriously. After reading the responses to my “Sports Suck” video, I feel like I have a much better understanding of this whole “Sports” thang that I keep seeing on TV…

*NOTE: I went to a costume store to find the face paint. I had to call my brother to figure out what colors were NOT associated with any teams. My favorite sign from the day: “DO YOUR BEST!”
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