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“Ego vs. Egotistical vs. Egoless” HugNation Feb 26, 2012

One’s ego can be in service to divine self.
Or, in service to pride.

Egotistical = being self-centered to the point of refusing to see others perspective or acknowledging the possibility of multiple “truths”

Ego is the self on top of the divine I am.
The roles and labels that define the character that we play.

When I say acting from Ego, what I am often referring to is the constructed identity that is the result of socialization. The collection of beliefs that come from the outside.

And after the hug I shared about my recent post on The Daily Love and how things have magically lead to my new job.

Big Heart Bragging

2 min clip:

FULL Broadcast:

Traditionally, charity is something that should be done quietly and anonymously. But I think that should change.

Public acts of good in the social media era is a beautiful thing. Instead of corporate charities filling our mailboxes with expensive marketing materials, we now get bombarded by friends and family sharing their personal fund-raising efforts. This is WAY better.

I don’t want to be told what to do. I don’t want to be made to feel bad. I don’t want to be motivated to act as a way to ease my guilt.
I want to be inspired.

That is why there is real value to sharing good deeds publicly.

(or so goes the discussion in this week’s video!)

4 Lessons of Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is the plow by which a spiritual path is forged.”
4 Forgiveness Lessons:
#1: Self Forgiveness
#2: Forgiving Others
#3: You are not the Proof
#4: Forgive & Forget & Take Note

Neil Gaimen talk:

“Integrity” Hug Nation 01.15.13

Thoughts on Integrity featuring Aaron Swartz, Lance Armstrong, & You.

T. Thorn Coyle CLIP
CBS Integrity Samaritan CLIP

TEDx Black Rock City

My TEDx BRC talk is posted, including an additional audio interview I did. (All talks listed here.)

Truth be told, it didn’t go as planned. The event was 45 minutes behind schedule and my talk was last. Performers were all waiting to go on and the final words I heard from the stage manager were, “PLEASE do not talk as long as the last guy.”
So I spoke for 6 minutes, when I originally planned for 15. I think it shows. 🙂 But it was a wonderful learning experience. I actually have not spoken to live audiences much. (Webcams are a different story.) Each situation is different, and I am learning to navigate as I go.

“Finding Your Purpose Path” – Hug Nation 01.08.13

At the end of the year, I had a coaching session with a young woman who witnessed the Dec 11 Oregon mall shooting. As a survivor, she was struggling with the question of, “Why was I spared?..what is my purpose!?” It lead to some beautiful epiphanies for both of us – and hopefully you, too.

Holidays & Apocalypse – Hug Nation Dec 18, 2012

Figgy Pudding, Gay Apparel AND the End of Humanity!? Woo-hoo!!!