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Big Heart Bragging

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Traditionally, charity is something that should be done quietly and anonymously. But I think that should change.

Public acts of good in the social media era is a beautiful thing. Instead of corporate charities filling our mailboxes with expensive marketing materials, we now get bombarded by friends and family sharing their personal fund-raising efforts. This is WAY better.

I don’t want to be told what to do. I don’t want to be made to feel bad. I don’t want to be motivated to act as a way to ease my guilt.
I want to be inspired.

That is why there is real value to sharing good deeds publicly.

(or so goes the discussion in this week’s video!)

4 Lessons of Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is the plow by which a spiritual path is forged.”
4 Forgiveness Lessons:
#1: Self Forgiveness
#2: Forgiving Others
#3: You are not the Proof
#4: Forgive & Forget & Take Note

Neil Gaimen talk:

“Integrity” Hug Nation 01.15.13

Thoughts on Integrity featuring Aaron Swartz, Lance Armstrong, & You.

T. Thorn Coyle CLIP
CBS Integrity Samaritan CLIP

“Finding Your Purpose Path” – Hug Nation 01.08.13

At the end of the year, I had a coaching session with a young woman who witnessed the Dec 11 Oregon mall shooting. As a survivor, she was struggling with the question of, “Why was I spared?..what is my purpose!?” It lead to some beautiful epiphanies for both of us – and hopefully you, too.

Holidays & Apocalypse – Hug Nation Dec 18, 2012

Figgy Pudding, Gay Apparel AND the End of Humanity!? Woo-hoo!!!

“Practice makes Present” Hug Nation Dec 11. 2012

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“Lessons” Hug Nation Dec. 4. 2012

Life isn’t full of obstacles… it is full of lessons. This week I share a story of a late night “obstacle” that reminded me to see the lessons.