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Family Thanks, Tofurkey, and an Octopus Attack (video)

My Thanksgiving was AMAZING! So much so, that it inspired THREE videos from the day…

To start the day, before I went to my folks to eat, I recorded some thoughts about one of my favorite holidays:

But one tradition that did not change was our annual trip to the beach. We try to time dinner so that we can be at the beach at low tide.
Every Thanksgiving and Xmas: Put the bird in, head to the beach, come back, clean up..and eat.

Today at the Beach we saw tons of starfish – purple and orange like the color of popsicles.

But then I saw a true tide pool treasure, the rarest of the rare, the “black orchid” of the barnacles…
An Octopus!

I didn’t want to pry it out of it’s hiding place, but I wanted to meet him, all the same.

So I held out my fingers to see if he would grab on to me.