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  1. Hi,
    Friended you on FB recently and thank you for being one of my recently added. I will say again that I found you after burning man last year for who knows what reason and subscribed on You Tube. So, I’ve been seeing you ever since in one way or another. Thanks for being there and thanks for doing the work of an angel…..maybe you are an angel.
    Anyway, I have had a particularly difficult life the last couple of years….my son died by suicide from the Golden Gate Bridge. I sent you my blog address (hopelessly outdated) and underpopulated….I’ll get back to it soon. Seems I’m just coming out of the fog of unbelieveable pain and grief. But check out the blog sometime. The basics of this sad story are there and some other stuff undone and waiting for me to come back.
    I’m rambling…I do that. So, the reason I was writing is I just thought of something and maybe you already thought of it or are doing it. This is the first time I’ve been to your website and imagine in all the years you have been doing this, you’ve had lots of ideas.
    Here it is. I have been at home needing a hug a lot this year. I do get hugs and so many people have been there for me in the past year and a half and I have a wife and life partner who is so incredible that words don’t apply. But ya know, there’s no such thing as as extra hug.
    Ok, I’ll get to the point. Anonymous Hugs across the miles arranged by a family or friends that sends the hugger to someone’s house….someone who just needs a hug. All free, and of course there would be some details to work out. So, it would go like this (and it would take some time to build up a network of safe and sincere huggers), I know some in Seattle who is having a hard time or maybe I just want them to have a hug, so, kinda like couch surfing, the is a network of huggers. These people would be my surrogate huggers. Some huggees might need a heads up that something was coming or not. This way I could hug my mom whenever I wanted. I know there might be some issues with this, but I’m going to do this somehow in the next few weeks. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    peace, love, and hugs, moonfire

  2. John,

    I have been totally fascinated with the idea of going to burning man since I heard about it in 2004. From the Art, creativity, culture, to the abstract reality that I have seen over and over again with each new video i watch.

    I live in the Midwest and a trip that far is kind of a big deal, especially going it alone since most of the people I know are, well, lets just say close minded to the idea of taking the journey.

    So I guess what I’m trying to say is, are there many people that hit Burning man by themselves, and if so, do you have any tips for the loner and slightly introverted.

    Thanks for your time,


  3. Hi Lukas! Have you looked into Regional Burning Man groups near you? It is certainly not necessary. But could make things easier and more fun to find local people to share packing, rides, etc. with.

    Many people come by themselves. To me it feels like a family – even with people I’ve never met. So you are never “alone” there.

  4. Hi John,

    I found you by watching the Burning Man videos on You Tube and have been following you via your Hug Nation sessions, website and You Tube spots. I imagine you must get this a lot…but you are my hero in so many ways…a true leader and voice of love, happiness and positive thinking.
    I am attending my first Burning Man adventure this the year of Metropolis. My nephew Ben and myself will be heading out of St. Louis in his vintage motor home and we’re even building an art car out of an electric golf cart! So excited in so many ways.
    I would so love to meet you, shake your hand, hug you and share in our mutual energies!
    I have a question for you based on utilizing photos and videos taken at Burning Man. You of all people would know the mechanics of this. Both my nephew and I are photographers and we’d like to organize a book of our adventures at Burning Man, but also need to go about this the right way. Do we need permission to do this? Is there someone that can answer questions or perhaps a website or material we can read?
    I look forward to hearing from you and I very much look forward to experiencing your energy in person at Burning Man. I hope we get to connect here or there. Peace and Love and enveloping hugs, Take good care,
    Mark Groaning

  5. So glad my excessive uploads resonate with you!   I look forward to a dusty hug.   PLEASE make sure to look for Pink Heart Camp.    re: Photo Book: Burning Man has strict rules about commercial use of photos and pics. You will need to get your cameras tagged when you enter the event. Here are there photo guides: http://www.burningman.com/press/photo_guide.html.   SOme other things to keep in mind:  1) BM is harsh on equipment.  2) Don’t sacrafice the experience for a record of it.  It is a VERY tough balance at BM.  My suggestion:  Give yourself some “Photo safari” excursions.   At other times, allow yourself to watch and participate without having the “where’s my camera!?” instinct.  See you at Home. 🙂

  6. I was feeling really blah today…I laid in bed today and plugged into the life student and learned so much by perusing the archives. The world (including TEDx) are blessed by your presence. I noticed my wisest counsel and greatest unconditional love have come from my family and friends born on May 28. Thanks for being my CONE on a CRAPpy day.

  7. Hello John,
    This is Kathi Seward, we’re getting in touch with you because we’re creating an amazing Burn artwork that is implicitly sociological in its basis, and experiencing this artwork will compel a spectator towards deeper cultural introspection … plus it’s going to be one of the biggest and most amazing artworks at the burn this year. We are contacting you because:
    You’re a supporter of great Burning Man art… )'(
    We are veteran burners, reaching out to the community.
    As a social critique of the objectification in society …we’re building a gigantic, 20 foot tall, mechanical newborn child’s head, with mechanical eyes and mouth. The interior of the head will be filled with shrines made of the most common objects, built as ironic homages to the objects that western society relies upon, such as chairs, phones, cars …
    It sounds fantastical, but it’s true.
    Check out our official site, kickstarter and a recent news article from NPR station KUT news.
    Here’s some more info on the background of the artwork we’re building :
    Did you ever have the feeling that your physical possessions were taking over your life? … Think of your home, your house keys, your car, your car keys, your wallet, purse, the things inside your wallet or purse… For many of us, in the western world, the list never ends.
    What happens when just one of these items is lost? Life stops.
    How can we truly understand ourselves and our own beings when we are covered and surrounded by so many objects?
    The KINETIC CHILD project was envisioned as an art based challenge to the objectification of life as we know it; an interactive, hollow, mechanical, 20 foot tall newborn child’s head, brainstormed to life by David Altair Karave.
    Anyone may enter the head and experience the 5 object-shrines installed within the newborn’s mind, created as ironic re-representations of the most cherished objects of humankind. Then, a spectator can control the child’s expressions via mechanical pulleys and wheels for the massive eyes and mouth.
    The message : A gigantic mechanical effigy to the objectification of humankind.
    If you appreciate this artwork or its approach on the need for greater freedom from the objectification of life, please excuse the anonymity of this email … and please help us … We’re a group of 20 volunteer artists building what we know is an important, socially conscious, yet fun, Alice-in-Wonderland like artwork … we’re building this on a shoe string budget and the project has come to a near stop due to being short on funding …
    There’s also some very cool gifts that we’re offering to our supporters, and since we are a 501-c-3 non-profit, everything is tax deductible.
    Here’s the Kickstart page : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kineticchild/the-kinetic-child-project-gigantic-mechanical-art
    Have a wonderful day! See you at the Burn )'(. We hope you will consider making a donation. Please stop by if you are going to the burn and let us know you were a supporter.
    – Kathi

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